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Locals Share Parenting Mishaps

Published in the July 2022 Issue Published online: Aug 02, 2022 Articles, Best of IF, Social I.F. Magazine Staff
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EVERY MONTH WE ASK YOU, the readers, a question regarding the theme of an upcoming issue of Idaho Falls Magazine. This time we asked you the following question over social media:

Funniest Parenting Fails: Moments that made you ask yourself, “Who ever let me become a parent?” Here are just a few of your responses:

"My kid got up in front of all the adults at church once and said 'My dad says the 'f' word all the time.' I was mortified and I ran up there to explain to everyone that the 'f' word in our house is 'fart.'"

"Once, when my son was in high school, I pranked him by switching all the clocks in the house back. I frantically woke him up at like 2am telling him he overslept and had to get to school. He jumped up in a panic because he said he had a test that day (I didn't know that, admittedly, or I probably would've picked a different day haha). He got ready in about 5 minutes and out the door he went. He got all the way to school before realizing the clock in his car said 2am. He came back sooo mad at me and I laugh about it to this day."

“I once caught my daughter eating our dog’s bowl of dog food. It was completely empty. She ate the entire thing.”

“When my kid was about 4, he snuck out of bed when my husband and I were watching ‘It’. I found out later that he hid behind the couch and watched the entire movie without us knowing, too paralyzed to move but too scared he was going to get in trouble for sneaking out of bed. He’s 7 now and still will absolutely lose it whenever he sees a clown. I think I need to put the poor kid in therapy for it haha."

“When my daughter was about 6 months old, she was ‘walking’ around the kitchen in her walker. I forgot to close the gate to the stairs and she fell down all the stairs still in her walker. She landed face up and laughing, but it still keeps me up at night remembering her tumbling down the stairs like a tumbleweed.”

“My 2-year-old started grunting every time she gets up because apparently I do the same thing. She thought it was something you had to do when getting up or it wouldn’t work."


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