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HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction at EIRMC

Frist Humanitarian, Excellence in Nursing, and Innovator Awards

Published online: Jul 15, 2022 East Idaho Business, East Idaho Health, Health & Wellness
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Idaho Falls, ID—  HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction are given annually in recognition for exceptional patient care, commitment to our community, and innovative thinking.

The Frist Humanitarian Awards recognize humanitarian spirit and philanthropic work of the late Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., a founder of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), EIRMC’s parent company.  Each year they honor an employee, physician and volunteer with this award.

EIRMC’s Excellence in Nursing Awards recognize nursing practice that provides the highest quality of care to patients we serve.  There are two categories for this award: Professional Mentoring and Compassionate Care.

The HCA Healthcare Innovator Award recognizes an employee who uses imagination and originality to solve an obstacle, improve patient care or business operations, or address an unmet need for the hospital.

Diana Moll- Frist Humanitarian Award, Employee

Diana serves as the Child Life Specialist for EIRMC’s robust pediatric program.  In her professional role, she helps pediatric patients throughout the hospital understand their diagnosis and treatment; explains the healthcare process in child-friendly terms; provides distraction techniques during procedures such as IV starts and imaging tests; and helps siblings and parents during bereavement.

Diana works with patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, on the general pediatric floor, in the ER and OR, and in Medical Imaging. She is a patient advocate, ensuring that children who come in to the hospital have the best experience possible.

Diana has a true servant’s heart.  Here at EIRMC, she is an integral member of the Employee Advisory Group, leading projects that boost employee morale, as well as showcase our commitment to community.  For example, Diana fully embraced the challenge from HCA Healthcare to run an employee food drive and then create an interesting display utilizing canned goods.  She was the lead on this project, and her tireless efforts were rewarded when our local food bank was awarded with the Mountain Division $5,000 prize and the national $10,000 prize!

Diana is also very active with several local non-profit organizations that help children, including Camp Magical Moments and Heartstone Children’s Grief Group.

Camp Magical Moments is a summertime outdoor camp for children with cancer. Diana uses her own vacation time to spend one week each summer bringing joy, camaraderie and a sense of belonging to campers.    The camp has a theme each year. Diana throws her heart and soul into this “job” embracing camp themes such as Circus Ring Master, Outback Sheila and Captain Hook.

Heartstone is a grief organization for children who have lost a loved one, parent or sibling.  Diana volunteers two evenings each month to lead group sessions for children to talk to other kids who’ve experienced similar trauma.   It’s profound work that truly impacts vulnerable children in our community.

One of Diana’s colleagues called her “the pulse of pediatrics throughout the EIRMC and the Idaho Falls community.”

Rex Williams- Frist Humanitarian Award, Volunteer

Rex Williams is an incredible asset to EIRMC, adding a personal touch to the hospital experience for patients. He works primarily in the ER, assisting patients and their loved ones with immediate non-medical needs, such as providing warm blankets or a cold drink, or even just a comforting and reassuring word.  Rex can walk into a patient room and quickly develop a rapport with patients, and often checks back with them to help with the little things that can make an ER visit more pleasant.

Rex also seeks ways to improve things at EIRMC.    For example, one of his volunteer responsibilities is stocking the EMS breakroom.  Rex interacted with EMS personnel to find out what they needed most, and then ensured it was available when they needed it.  Rex also takes took time to interact with EMS personnel, thank them for their service and assure them that they are appreciated by EIRMC.

Rex is a true patient advocate.

Alejandro Perez-Verdia, M.D.- Frist Humanitarian Award, Physician

Dr. Alex Perez-Verdia is a board-certified Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist with East Falls Clinics.   There are no other electrophysiologists in the area, and his expertise is invaluable to patients who would otherwise travel to Salt Lake for this service.

Dr. Perez-Verdia is described as “down-to-earth,” “kind,” and “easy to talk to.”     His care philosophy is that all patients deserve respect and kindness.    Dr. Perez spends time to teach patients, to answer their question and put their concerns at ease.  In fact, he’s been known to give his personal cell number to patients who are very anxious and need that extra degree of attention to feel comfortable.

Dr. Perez is also very respectful of staff, and treats them like family. He is always willing to teach and answer questions with patience and respect.    His interest in education extends to our medical residents and even new employees.

Kristi Caldera, RN-  HCA Excellence in Nursing:  Professional Mentoring

Over the last few years, Kristi has led almost every nursing unit in the hospital, whether officially, or as an interim during leadership gaps. She formally directs ICU and 4th Floor, and has filled in as both 3rd and 5th floor directors.

It’s noteworthy, too, that Kristi managed all four departments, right in the heart of COVID, when she was also tasked with managing surge ICU and inpatient volume.

It was this type of grace under pressure, positive attitude, “we got this” spirit that makes her special.  One of her colleagues said “Kristi showed what real leaders do when the cards are down… work harder, be more positive, be more supportive and lead from the front.”

Several nurse leaders at EIRMC have recognized Kristi for her mentorship, which has improved their leadership skills.   They describe her as a unifier who promotes education and collaboration.  “She quite literally helps every manager of every department. We all look up to her! She understands all the ins and outs of every program, meeting, and dynamic that we face as leaders here at EIRMC. She is the mentor of mentors and she does it all with complete humility. She is not afraid to jump in and help on any unit at a moment’s notice.”

Sharee Poole, RN- HCA Excellence in Nursing: Compassionate Care

Sharee Poole, Charge Nurse on the 4th Floor Progressive Care Uni, is an exceptional nurse who takes great pride in quality patient care.  She gives as much compassion and kindness to her colleagues as she does her patients.  She is a much beloved nurse leader, and described as a “beacon of knowledge, calm in the storm.”

The eight colleagues who nominated Sharee express their highest praise and respect for her compassionate care.  They call her an exceptional nurse, always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need of help.   They share how much Sharee’s patients appreciate her and find her care to be compassionate, professional and proficient.

Sharee truly lives the EIRMC values, and is a walking example of our mission that above all else we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

Travis Hall- HCA Innovator Award

Travis Hall is the Director of Environmental Services (EVS).  To completement the multimillion-dollar interior renovation of EIRMC, facilitated a major culture shift for leaders and employees for a “new and improved” EIRMC. He passionately and unapologetically set a vision for the aesthetic standards of our facility.

Travis created an “Aesthetics Playbook” which established signage standards, a template for how waiting rooms would be laid out and decorated, even a catalog of furniture, artwork, and signage that directors could choose from.

These efforts for consistency would have quickly failed, if the standards weren’t maintained. Here again, Travis has risen to the occasion. He continues to passionately advocate for adherence to our standards, and several years later, our facility remains in tip-top shape!


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