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Shredding Snow

Finding joy in our winter landscapes

Published in the June 2022 Issue Published online: Jul 08, 2022 Discover Idaho Falls: Parks and Recreation, East Idaho Outdoors, Outdoors Emily FitzPatrick
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I would run outside to watch the white flakes fall from the sky, but that joy slowly dissipated as I found myself trapped indoors. Ice on the sidewalks eliminated most afternoon walks around the Idaho Falls Riverwalk and the freezing temperatures made it uncomfortable to sight-see for long, eliminating two of my favorite outdoor activities.

It took me sometime, but this year, I finally found my footing when it comes to enjoying the snow. With the help of some friends and local outdoorsmen, I briefly found some skis at Grand Targhee ski resort. Skiing was something I always wanted to try and with friends to show me the ropes, I finally did it.

As a beginner, it can be terrifying to jump into something new. Luckily, ski resorts like Grand Targhee offer a variety of beginner courses and if you’re lucky you might even be able to find a friend skilled enough to teach you the ropes, or in this case how to navigate walking around in a pair of ski boots. Although I never made it past the bunny hill where the little kids were also being taught their first lessons, I was able to prove to myself that skiing was something I could do even if I managed it poorly and ate more snow than I did anything else that day.

Luckily for me, snowmobiling ended up being much more my style. Just like with anything, there was a small learning curve as I learned the proper way to breathe and not fog my helmet and how to keep a steady speed on the snowmobile I was sharing with my partner. But snowmobiling came naturally and I finally found a sport I could enjoy in the snow, even if it was something we might only do once or twice a year.

There are so many ways to get out and explore that there is no reason to hide inside like I once did during the winter months. Powder not only offers beautiful scenery for fans of photography like myself, it also creates a wondrous playground. Once you grab your gear (snowmobiles, skis, etc.), all that’s left to do is adventure outdoors.

For More Information
Grand Targhee Resort
3300 E Alta Ski Hill Rd | 307-353-2300

Idaho Mountain Trading
474 Shoup Ave | 208-523-6679

Bills Bike & Snow
930 Pier View Dr | 208-522-3341


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