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4 ways to style your home

Published in the May 2022 Issue Published online: May 20, 2022 Home And Garden I.F. Magazine Staff
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UPDATING YOUR HOME CAN BE A DIFFICULT TASK, especially if you haven’t kept up with what’s trending. Integrating your favorite stylistic updates from recent years can bring a breath of fresh air to your living space. Here are four tips to get you started:

BECOME A MINIMALIST. No clutter and white spaces, minimalism is a trend from years past that is continuing to gain momentum in 2022. Clear away the piles of books and knick knacks to explore this stylistic trend.

INCORPORATE MOTHER NATURE. Plants aren’t just for the great out - doors. Bring some of your favorite greens and blooms indoors to show off or simply to improve your living space. Stop by one of the local garden nurseries for a house plant that fits your lifestyle.

INTEGRATE VINTAGE FURNISHINGS. Vintage is back and stronger than ever before, but finding those antique items can be pricey. Shop at the local thrift stores to find something old you can turn into something new for your home.

MAKE YOUR SPACE MULTIFUNCTIONAL. Are you waiting for a new house to create a space for your dream office? That isn’t absolutely necessary if you're following today’s trends. Combine your office space and living room by dividing the room with simplistic furnishings and multi-use items for a dreamy living space.


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