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2022 marks 110 years of the Idaho Falls Music Club

Published online: Jan 19, 2022 Articles, Lifestyle Peter Cole
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As the cheers and applause died down and Linda had time to slow her pulse, she couldn’t help but let a giant grin spread across her face. Linda had always struggled to play an instrument, so watching her daughter perform in the Idaho Falls Music Club (IFMC) Festival was a dream come true. 

Meeting her daughter’s eyes, she threw a quick thumbs-up and smiled. Her daughter smiled back, and Linda could see the happiness beaming on her face.

Every year, hundreds of parents like Linda attend the IFMC Festival and watch in awe as their children blossom into skilled and confident performers. The festival, created and managed by the IFMC, is only one of the ways a group of committed teachers and music lovers bring culture, education, and the wonder of music to the Idaho Falls community. Even after 110 years, the IFMC still impacts hundreds of students a year and continues its mission “to share music with the community and encourage opportunities for the upcoming generation.”

Cultivating the Musicians of the Future

Since its inception in 1912, the IFMC has been dedicated to sharing the rich culture of music and music history with its neighbors. Made up of teachers and music enthusiasts, the organization works to educate and support new and existing teachers and provides scholarships and performing opportunities to students. Each year, the organization hosts events designed to give students the opportunity to network, learn professional standards, and hone their performance skills. 

Because almost anyone can become a member, the IFMC sees hundreds of young musicians perform every year, and classes take part in many nearby cities around Eastern Idaho. 

For teachers, joining the IFMC means connecting with and learning from other incredible men and women who want to help students thrive. Teachers’ success is one of the IFMC’s top priorities, and club members have access to workshops that cover topics ranging anywhere from how to create a professional space to deep dives into musical styles like Baroque and composers like Beethoven. 

Members also learn how to collaborate and engage in positive discussion.

For students, one of the key benefits of joining the IFMC is the opportunity to receive a scholarship. Because most students who perform receive some kind of scholarship to continue their education, they can focus on what truly matters: mastering their instrument(s) and enjoying all the IFMC experience has to offer. This enables teachers and students to freely engage with their peers and form new friendships while engaging in meaningful competition. Once awarded, students can use their scholarships to pay for things like summer music camp or college tuition for music courses. 

Through providing multiple opportunities to perform and learn from masters of the craft, the IFMC facilitates a learning experience unlike any other.

Music Festivities Throughout the Year

The IFMC wouldn’t be a music club without grand celebrations of the arts. Every month, the organization hosts unique events like the Monster Concert in January where students of all ages play simultaneously on 14 Clavinova digital pianos. The IFMC strives to offer diversity in sound and history for widespread enjoyment. Each event features distinct arrangements and genres that provide a novel experience for newcomers and seasoned musicians alike. Additionally, community members are invited to participate in the organization’s other activities, like February’s “Music Lessons=Life Lessons” essay contest.

Whether it is listening to, learning, playing or even performing music in front of a crowd, generations have found connection and comfort within the world of music. If 110 years of the IFMC has proven anything, it’s that our community’s love for music isn’t going away anytime soon. The IFMC’s dedication to sharing the love and appreciation of music and empowering the next generation of musicians has cemented the organization as a valuable asset to the culture and beauty that makes Idaho Falls so unique.  

If you or your family are interested in getting involved or just enjoying the tapestry of musical history the IFMC offers, visit to take a look at their 2022 events and learn more about becoming a member.

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