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Winnie & Mo’s Bookshop opens its doors in Historic Downtown

Published online: Dec 15, 2021 Articles, Business, East Idaho Business Britni A. Storer, Protégé Consulting
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Whenever I think about locations where there are collections of books, I can’t help but imagine bookstores or libraries full of other-worldly magic like flying books that are alive, secret clues leading to hidden treasures and solutions to puzzles just waiting to be found within ancient texts. And while I’m not aware of any enchanted bookstores or libraries in reality, I believe there is something pretty close to said mystical places where the line between fantasy and reality can be blurred. 

One of these spots is Winnie and Mo’s Bookshop, opening soon in downtown Idaho Falls. 

Inside their cozy bookstore, you’ll find a welcoming place of gathering and connection, a place to escape and lose yourself within the pages of a book while tucked away in their treehouse. You will even find a tea and coffee bar curated by the owners themselves to complement the cozy atmosphere. In other words, this unique shop has something for everyone to make your holiday shopping experience a treat. 


Both avid book lovers and former middle-school teachers, co-owners Amanda Poitevin and Whitney Holmes shared the dream of opening a new bookstore in Idaho Falls. 

“When I first moved to Idaho Falls about three years ago, the first thing I did was Google bookstores, and at that point only Barnes and Noble popped up,” Holmes said. “I was like, ‘Why doesn’t Idaho Falls have a bookstore? So, I started plotting.“

Poitevin, who is also the owner of “The Bookshelf,” which is located next door to the bookshop, adds, “We both decided to mesh our efforts. The idea is for people to be able to come and hang out and sit and chat with a friend.” 

The two are both eager to share their passion for reading and for books with their customers. Offering a large selection of new books for children and adults that has been curated for local interests, Poitevin and Holmes also want their bookshop to be very responsive to the community’s needs and to be a space for co-creating. 

“If someone wants to have a certain kind of book club, we would love it if they started one and hosted it here,” Poitevin said. “We would love [to host] a poetry slam. [We] would love to have the community creating a space.”

In addition to the selection of books, the bookshop also sells stationary and will also host author signings, lectures, readings and various other co-created community events.


While most people may think of reading as a solitary activity, the co-owners have created a space that encourages connection. 

“Whenever I think about reading, I [used to] think that’s something you do by yourself, and [now] I’m really excited to have a sense of place that connects people who read,” Holmes said. “I’ve always really loved talking to people about books and connecting with people over books. I have always felt at home with books. Like libraries and bookstores, they’re my happy places.”

Even if books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, non-book lovers (and book lovers too) can still enjoy themselves over a cup of loose-leaf tea or pour-over coffee paired with delicious pastries at the beverage counter located in the shop.


Both parents of young children, Poitevin and Holmes wanted to create a space where families can bring their kids, who would actually be excited to go. Ultimately, their goal is to create excitement and positive memories that are associated with books for kids. 

“We want to create a space where people can come and relax and hang out and spend some time so it’s not only a bookstore but a place to gather,” shares Poitevin. “We wanted to create a space where all ages would feel excited about books.”

Whether you find yourself cozying up at the tea bar, hiding out in the treehouse or in a quiet corner soaking up every page of a book, be sure to take a break from the holiday madness to connect, gather and support local business at Winnie and Mo’s Bookshop. After all, you may find your very own kind of holiday magic while shopping there.

For More Information

Winnie & Mo’s Bookshop

343 A Street •

The Bookshelf

It began as a used bookshop company selling on Amazon. Ten years later, it is now a business with a storefront located in downtown Idaho Falls next to Winnie and Mo’s bookshop. The Bookshelf is the only independently and locally-owned used bookstore in Idaho Falls. Selling fine, used books (in person) and e-books and audio book purchases online, The Bookshelf offers to buy or trade used books, which can be used to get the trade-in value marked off a future purchase at the store or half of the trade-in value if they want cash.

Owner Amanda Poitevin took over ownership of The Bookshelf from her husband in January 2021 and also co-owns Winnie & Mo’s Bookshop next door. Poitevin loves to share her passion for reading by recommending titles and books with her customers. 

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575 3rd Street


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