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Good Vibes at Poppy & Pout

Local boutique launches business dreams in Historic Downtown Idaho Falls

Published online: Nov 01, 2021 Articles, Business, East Idaho Business Catherine Smith
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Photos by Emily FitzPatrick and Andrea Ahedo

A splash of color and good vibes are found on Park Avenue these days. Poppy & Pout opened their doors in July of this year and there is no slowing down this amazing brand and boutique in Historic Downtown. The brainchild of Derek Cooper, Poppy & Pout is the quintessential “Instagrammable Brand” that blossomed during the pandemic when many savvy and fashionable shoppers turned to mobile devices for online shopping. 

What you find on Poppy & Pout’s social media is a teaser to what is available at their flagship boutique and production factory. Derek took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to give us some behind-the-scenes details on how he created the brand and is keeping up with the rapid success. 

The chapstick company recently found themselves on “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” an iconic list of items all offered on Amazon. The 10-pack lip balm is specifically what is on the coveted list. Derek can thank his boutique’s ambience and mantra of “Good Vibes” for this honor. A family member of Adam Glassman--the guru behind “Oprah’s Favorite Things”--shared their love for the brand with him, leading to its selection as a potential for the list.

Towards the end of the summer, Derek was notified that Oprah wanted to include the product in the exclusive list. This achievement adds to the long list of success Derek has experienced with his hardworking team of staff, including the big moments of being launched into Urban Outfitters’ store, Nordstrom’s Pop Up specialty shops and, most recently, Anthropologie. 

Derek is particularly proud of bringing something entirely new to Idaho Falls, specifically downtown. A treat to the nightlife is the clever and fun neon signage inside the boutique, which shines brightly after hours. To say Poppy & Pout has made a splash in downtown is a total understatement. He is told on a continual basis what a cool and hip space he’s created with an entirely new offering of merchandise downtown. 

Along with the handmade lip-balms that were originally created out of his kitchen in 2014, Poppy & Pout carries vinyl records and record players, coffee table books, candles, socks and clothing, as well as Jones Soda and candy bars. The lip-balm wall, a creative mural installation designed by Derek, greets you  with a flurry of scents ready to please your senses.

When asked what the secret to his success is, Derek gives all the credit to the team he’s surrounded with and longtime friendships and employees. Providing a fun and caring environment is top priority and creating beautiful things is what gets Derek excited every day.  The boutique is the tangible expression of the Poppy & Pout brand in real life. We are just thrilled and so grateful Derek chose downtown to establish his brick and mortar retail space because the good vibes can be felt throughout downtown Idaho Falls!


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