All Babies Welcome at Mountain View Hospital

Published online: Sep 10, 2021 Articles, East Idaho Health
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Welcoming a baby into the world is one of the biggest, life-changing miracles. The team at Mountain View Hospital helps families experience these wonders every single day. Each delivery is unique and just as special as the baby that is born. 

“At Mountain View Hospital, all babies have one thing in common. They are going to be welcomed into the world with the best care possible,” said Treana Jones, Mountain View Hospital’s Labor and Delivery Manager. “Delivery is such an important moment for a family and our team is honored to be a part of it.” 

Selecting the right place to have your baby is a big decision. When you choose Mountain View Hospital, the team will do everything it can to make sure your delivery is a special and safe experience for you and your baby. 

“We chose Mountain View Hospital to have our first baby because we had heard from many trusted family members and friends how great their labor and delivery was and they were right,” Michelle Svoboda wrote in a Google review. “The staff was incredible, especially the labor nurse assigned to me. I’ll forever be grateful for her kindness, her knowledge and her care. I really appreciated how well they took care of my newborn son, me, and my husband. We will definitely be delivering future babies there!”

To better care for the community’s youngest patients, some of whom need special attention and treatment after their birth, Mountain View Hospital is expanding its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Mountain View’s Level 3 NICU will be able to provide care for 14 babies at a time and offer the most advanced technology in the region. 

“For so long the community has viewed Mountain View Hospital as only an option for healthy moms and babies,” said Jones. “That simply isn’t the case. All babies are welcome at Mountain View Hospital.” 

Starting in September, the team at Mountain View Hospital will be able to start caring for babies as young as 28 weeks. Today, the hospital has the ability to care for infants who are 35 weeks and older. 

Mountain View Hospital intentionally designed its NICU to keep families and babies together. Babies who need to spend time in the NICU will have their own suite, so families can enjoy time together. Parents will even have the option to stay overnight with their little one. 

“Our team has extensive training to make sure we deliver the best care to our most vulnerable patients,” said Jones. “However, we know children always need their parents – especially while they are in the NICU. We built our facility to be family-centered, so parents stay closely involved in the care for their child. This keeps families connected and has been shown to reduce stress for babies and improve their short- and long-term health outcomes.” 

Mountain View Hospital’s NICU was built using the latest technology available. The equipment, created by Drager, takes every baby’s need into account. Machines are designed to regulate temperature for optimal health, provide the perfect amount of lighting to avoid overstimulation and reduce noise to protect a baby’s highly sensitive ears. 

The hospital offers tours for expecting moms, free prenatal classes, lots of suggestions and educational resources. 

“Having a baby is such an exciting and special time,” said Jones. “But sometimes it can feel overwhelming. When it does, just remember one thing. You’ve got this! And the entire team at Mountain View Hospital has got you! You’ll never have to be alone on this life-changing miracle.” 

Mountain View Hospital’s new NICU will be fully open and ready to treat babies by the end of September. 

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