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Published online: Aug 01, 2021 Articles, Lifestyle Emily FitzPatrick
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We all know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This used to rankle with me as a writer. I liked to think my words have more value then they actually do, especially in an age where distilling information into its simplest form has become a priority.

Some would blame this shift on doom scrollers and maybe that’s true, but if so, people like me are part of the problem. I can’t count the number of times I have sat down with my phone before bed, scrolling quickly through Instagram posts and TikTok (for those older folks out there, think short minute-long videos). And there’s a reason for that. Short content is easily absorbable, which, in my opinion, allows it to stick with you much longer.

The same could be said about photos. The time spent consuming a single photo is much shorter than that of a full-length article, but the photo is what frequently sticks with you and is sometimes remembered more than any specific phrase you might have taken in while reading products, such as Idaho Falls Magazine

It wasn’t until I became editor of the magazine that I began to understand how long and short forms of content work together to engage interest and bring a new light to words we’ve all heard before. 

For example, living in Idaho Falls, we’ve all heard how we live in the greatest city in the world, how we are the gateway to Yellowstone and adventures, as well as a family-friendly hub. However, those words frequently don’t become a reality until you see a photo of something spectacular taken right from your backyard.

One of the great things about the annual East Idaho Photo Contest hosted by Idaho Falls Magazine is that the majority of submitted photos are from our region, with only a few outliers. Winners often feature prominent spots around the region, including bison at Yellowstone National Park, scenics of the Tetons and our very own water tower (a central topic of conversation lately). Seeing these spots in a new light brings a new appreciation to the surroundings we sometimes take for granted. 

Throughout every issue of Idaho Falls Magazine you will find words and photos working together to bring new meaning to topics you are probably already familiar with. Although we always hope you will find a new face or fact, it is also our goal to help you appreciate what has been there all along. 


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