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A New Era at Sandpiper Restaurant

Jeff Keller starts as new general manager

Published online: Jul 19, 2021 Articles, Dining
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Everyone who’s anyone knows Ron Obendorf is a staple to The Sandpiper Restaurant. His welcoming attitude made every dining experience at the local establishment memorable, drawing community members to return repeatedly over the years not just for the high-quality seafood and steaks the restaurant provides, but also for a chance to visit with Ron. When Ron stepped down to retire, the new manager, Jeff Keller, found himself with some major shoes to fill. 

“It’s definitely a weight on my shoulders trying to replace Ron,” said Jeff. “But I came into this position with experience and I think we’re still doing good. It’s definitely a whole different ball game here versus the corporate world I worked in previously, but in more good ways than bad.”

Jeff Keller steps into the position of general manager with 6 years at The Sandpiper and experience working in local corporate chains. His position is currently a catch-all with time dedicated to the kitchen, office management, hiring and more. It might sound overwhelming, but it’s a job Jeff loves because it always keeps him on his toes. 

“I love it because it’s not a sit-down desk job. It always keeps you moving,” said Jeff. Not only does the job keep him constantly busy, but also allows him to help bring the highest quality meats and fresh seafood to the Idaho Falls area, one of the main things The Sandpiper Restaurant prides itself in. 

If you’re new to the classic Idaho Falls restaurant, Keller recommends you come out and give any of their steaks or the hawiian crunch halibut a try. Whether it’s your first or millionth time at The Sandpiper, you can’t go wrong with dining outside along the river, a prime location few (if anyone) can beat.

While Jeff is excited to forge his own path ahead in the years to come, he encourages guests to celebrate Ron and the legacy he leaves behind in retirement by dining in the Obendorf room, a seating area in the restaurant dedicated entirely to Ron and the time he dedicated both to The Sandpiper Restaurant and the community as a whole.   

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