A Summer of Planet Arts

Published online: Jun 14, 2021 Articles, Lifestyle
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The Idaho Falls Arts Council has announced a set of prehistoric themed art classes that will take kids on an adventure! Classes are $3 and are for ages 5-8. Classes take place every Wednesday through the summer at noon to 1 p.m. at the Willard Arts Center. 

Class Lineup:

June 16 – Prehistoric Landscape Oil Pastels

June 23 – Prehistoric Animals Yarn Art

June 30 – Mighty Megalodon Salt Painting

July 7 – Dinosaur Stamp Footprints

July 14 – Giant Ground Sloths

July 21 – Tape Resist Dinosaur Bones

July 28 – Caveperson Self-Portrait and Necklace

August 4 – Cave and Rock Paintings with Petroglyphs

August 11 – Prehistoric Fossils

“Planet Arts at the Willard Arts Center is a great place for kids to express and develop their creativity in a safe and stimulating environment,” said Georgina Goodlander, Visual Arts Director of the Idaho Falls Arts Council, “We are excited to have the theme of prehistoric adventures this summer as it will help kids engage with artmaking as well as help them learn about fascinating creatures of the ancient world”. 

*Advanced registration is available for each class. Walk-ins are also acceptable. Classes do not need to be taken as a series. 


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