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A Fresh Coat of Paint

Make your old pottery and vases shine

Published online: May 04, 2021 Articles, Home And Garden, Lifestyle Missy Poulsen
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Spring in Idaho is always a guessing game. Sometimes the weather is perfect for T-shirts and sandals, and sometimes we are still bundled up in winter clothing. No matter the weather, I’m always ready to change things up as far as my décor goes. I feel like I’ve spent so much time cooped up that as soon as the weather starts to change, I’m ready for something fresh and different in my home. 

On the first mildly warm sunny day, I open some windows and deep clean and redecorate my living room. It helps with the feelings of claustrophobia that have built up. Adding sprigs of greenery or faux florals is another way to freshen things up. This year, I also added some DIY painted pottery to the mix.

Here is a quick and easy DIY project that anyone can do. Even my kids jumped in and helped with the painting!

Painted Pottery/Vase

Items Needed:

1 tsp. baking soda

½ cup water based paint

(I use sample paint from Home Depot)

Chip brush

Paper plate

Any style vase or pottery

(Check thrift stores)


Mix paint and baking soda together. 

Brush paint on your vase/pottery with chip brush making sure to do a good thick coat. 

Let it dry. 

Once dry, you will have a beautiful antique matte finish.

To achieve a vintage look:

Brush your pottery/vase with a joint compound.

Let it dry overnight, then paint with baking soda paint recipe from above.

See! It’s so easy. It’s actually addicting once you get going. So make sure to stock up on pottery! 


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