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Published online: Apr 05, 2021 Articles, East Idaho Business Renee Spurgeon
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Let’s keep this between you and me for now, but 15 years ago I made the trek to Idaho from the great state of California. I’ve often kept that little secret to myself as it seemed irrelevant when what I wanted was to contribute to the things I care about locally. I knew that many of the locals would consider me an invasive species, noted by my neighbor advising me to change my license plates ASAP.  

Since then I have become­—what I would consider—an Idahoan. I have grown to love all the things that I did not have the opportunity to explore in my place of birth. I hike often and I fish as much as humanly possible. My only son and child has grown up in a place where he feels safe and has an abundance of opportunities in an environment free of complications that overpopulation can bring. My quality of life is excellent, far superior to the six hours on the freeway five days each week to and from work or four hours at a doctor’s office for a simple case of strep throat. 

I love and appreciate my Eastern Idaho lifestyle. I am involved in my community. I am a small business owner in addition to running my own real estate practice. It is my hope that as people, primarily from the West Coast and Texas, flow into Idaho and more specifically Southeast Idaho, we can share the same experience of safety, prosperity and a true appreciation for everything outdoors.  

The locals have a relatively strong opinion about change, and we can’t really blame them. This incredible recreation-lover’s paradise has been able to detour transplants for many years based on the long and chilly winters. Comedically, there is also the belief that we are actually Iowa rather than Idaho—a long-standing joke amongst the locals who want you to believe it’s flat and dry in this corner of the world.   

The secret is out and like a tidal wave, our population is growing and inevitably will continue to do so for years to come, just as local economists predicted. Our job growth and substantial Idaho National Laboratory government funding keep us competitive as it relates to our cost of living. National magazines are ranking Idaho Falls on lists of “Best Places to Live,” “Fastest Growing States in the Country” and “Top 3 Lowest Unemployment in the US.” 

Populations of people are fleeing from large cities for reasons like environment and politics, and have been doing so for quite a few years. Throw in some COVID-19 and the ability to work from anywhere, allowing employers to slash overhead drastically and keep people at home. 

While considering a move to this glorious place that so many people call home, understand this is the foundation to generations of farmers, to nuclear engineers, to small business owners and to railroad workers. We all just want to keep our rivers full of trout, our skies blue and our interstates free of gridlock. Pretty simple, really.


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