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Published online: Apr 26, 2021 Articles, East Idaho Business Britni A. Storer, Protégé Consulting
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In an economy where ammunition is in short supply, you would think the last thing someone would want to do is get rid of is their ammunition. However, veteran-owned business d2i Ammo Accessories, has found a way to sell their expended ammunition by transforming it into unique memorabilia and gift ideas for gun enthusiasts everywhere.

Combining ingenuity and upcycling of expended brass bullets, d2i Ammo Accessories operates out of southeast Idaho, and offers bullet-themed hand-made gifts varying from jewelry to stationary accessories, all of which are available for purchase online. You can even enjoy edible chocolate bullets, known as “Chocullets,” which compare in taste to some of the finer chocolates out there.

Formerly a firearms and safety instructional company started in 2016, business owner Ben Storer saw an opportunity emerge from the byproduct of his courses. “I came across some bullet knick-knacks online, and I couldn’t believe how much they cost,” Storer shares. “I thought, ‘I could make these cheaper, and I like to work with my hands, and so it all started from there.‘“

As the world shut down from the pandemic, so did Storer’s business for teaching courses. He then realized it was time to jump in full-time to invest in his vision of upcycling and transforming all of his expended cartridges. “Since we can’t find real ammo out there, hopefully these kinds of bullets will do,” he jokes.

While it’s much easier to get your hands on chocolate than live ammunition these days, don’t wait too long to try out d2i’s best-selling item, Chocullets, since they have been flying off the shelves the moment they became available for purchase. Having tried these delectable chocolates myself, I would even go as far as saying these “Chocullets” are to die for. For more information about d2i Ammo Accessories and their available products, visit


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