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Published online: Feb 12, 2021 Articles, Lifestyle Gregg Losinski
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February pretty much is all about Valentine’s Day. 

Of course, we all love our spouses and significant others. We all hopefully love the town we live in, but why? Idaho Falls is a nice enough place but what are the things that really make it special? For me, a big part of it is the people who work here that make it so special. Here are a few people that I’ve run into over the past decades that make Idaho Falls a great place to live. (I’m sure you have a list of people like this yourself!)

Bud and Wayne Serr

One of my favorite radio programs on NPR used to be Car Talk. with “Click & Clack, The Tappet Brothers.” Idaho Falls has our very own set of automotive genius siblings, Bud and Wayne Serr of Jim Serr Automotive. While their style of humor might be a little less raucous than Click & Clack, their automotive intuition has them beat by a mile. 

These guys are so honest it’s hard to believe they are real mechanics. Rather than soak you for never-ending repairs they’ll tell you it’s probably better to walk away or that you could do something yourself to save the money. 

What kind of mechanics do that? The kind that actually makes you feel glad to play the legitimate big repair bills when they eventually come along, and they’ve kept our family fleet of aging cars running for years!

Tommy Lew

Thanks to rising health care costs using mail-order pharmacies has unfortunately become a necessity for so many people. While I understand the cost aspect, mail order pharma can never replace the caring touch of an old-fashioned pharmacist like Tommy Lew. 

Tommy would never admit it but he had a far greater grasp on how drugs worked and how they interacted than most doctors. Tommy not only knew his meds, but he knew his customers and offered care beyond perfunctory dispensing of medicines. Tommy was always quick with a joke designed to fit the person he was serving. Now that Tommy is hanging up his lab coat trips to the pharmacy just aren’t the same.

Joyce Storey

Some people exemplify the entity they work for. Joyce Storey has been the lead customer service contact at the Idaho Parks & Recreation Office here in Idaho Falls for years. She has a genuine interest in helping everyone that stops by to get information or buy a permit to get the most out of their outdoor experience in Idaho. 

Joyce knows what she is talking about because she has hiked just about every trail around here that can be hiked! People like her not only provide a needed service, but they also help people to get out and recharge their batteries and have fun with their families.

Alana Jensen

Rather than have people come to them, some people get out into the community and infiltrate every nook and cranny. Alana Jensen, recently retired Education and Communications Specialist for ESER (Environmental Research, Education, and Surveillance) is one of those people. 

For 20 years Alana unceasingly went from classroom to classroom all up and down the valley talking to kids about all facets of science. Her programs made science come alive and got kids hungry to learn more. Her teacher workshops helped to provide the much-needed respite and recharge for under-supported educators. She is instrumental in big events that help educate the entire community like Earth Day and Water Awareness Week. You can never measure the impact a person like Alana has on a community, but its cumulative beneficial effect is significant without a doubt!

Yes, Idaho Falls is situated in a picturesque setting along the banks of the Snake River and with a beautiful view on all the horizons, but it is truly the people that make the place. In this time of uncertainty it is probably more important than ever to thank those who serve the community and make Idaho Falls such a great place to live. 

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