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Published online: Feb 19, 2021 Articles, East Idaho Health
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Making healthy choices can be difficult, but there are plenty of services around town to make your lifestyle transition easier. Whether you’re looking for a spot to grab a snack, pick up meals for the week or get some exercise, there is something to fulfill your need. IFM staff interviewed a few local businesses about their services, providing an inside look at the combination of dedication and passion each storefront puts into their work.

Wealth of Health

Now celebrating its 50th year in business, Wealth of Health Natural Market has been in the capable hands of Bill and Dasha Ayzin since taking ownership in 1996. While it’s more common in the nutrition and supplements industry to approach wellness from a more emotional viewpoint, the Ayzin’s—both former employees at the Idaho National Laboratory—have instead opted to focus on the merits of validated, scientific research. Their range of products and services ranges from national brand dietary supplements and natural medicines to sports nutrition, herbs, teas, books, health and beauty products, aromatherapy, foods and health education.

IFM interviewed Bill earlier this winter at the business on the corner of Woodruff and 1st Street. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say.

IFM: Wealth of Health has a broad range of nutritional goods, but just in terms of grocery items, what sort of healthy foods does the store recommend and sell? 

BA: It’s a challenge to have quality non-sprayed produce because it doesn't last. So we kind of stay away from a lot of the fresh produce. My wife was gluten-free so she has become really a go-to in the community for everything gluten-free, from recipes to foods, to understanding what is gluten-free, what is celiac [disease] and how many people are affected. That's become a very big part of our grocery business. When it comes to supplements, I take it very seriously. It's my department—my baby. We do not bring stuff in here just because somebody solicits us and says we have the best ABC on the market. We stick with the reputable brands that we've had since inception. Very rarely do we bring in a brand-new brand. And the only condition is they have to satisfy us. Safety is No. 1. Effectiveness is No. 2. And No. 3, there is independent third-party validation, or what's called certificate of analysis. 

IFM: For nutritional needs, what are some of the popular dietary trends you are most commonly asked about?

BA: For one, the Keto diet has been very, very popular in the last few years. Keto is just a fancy word for the diet that existed since the 1960s with Dr. Atkins, who's since passed away. His concept was protein and fat and no sugar. You can tweak it a little bit. You can improve it a little bit. You can cut down the bacon and substitute fish oil, but the principle of protein and fat and lowest carbs to this day remains to be a very healthy diet. You know, in the case of Atkins, he didn't push a lot of fruits and vegetables from the carbs standpoint. And so we throw that into the mix. We get a lot of people with diabetes, insulin resistance, requests for gluten-free, and a lot of people with different allergies who just come in and they say, ‘I cannot eat this.’

IFM: What specific conditions make a good match for supplements? 

BA: Probably at the top of the list is pain and inflammation. Anxiety and depression are also very high, as well as attention-deficit in kids, and then everything else including common colds and flu. And right now, obviously COVID. We now know from clinical studies going back to April [2020] when this whole thing started to be studied that people with the strongest immune systems, regardless of the age, either skate right through COVID or have very mild symptoms, which makes a lot of sense. There are definitely supplements, but it all comes down to lifestyle, diet, nutrition and individual choices. 

IFM: What is your ultimate goal or mission for your local business?

BA: We understand that the convenience of the internet is huge, but there are two sides that people need to consider. If you want more fire and protection and more police and more parks and more of all that stuff, it comes from the local businesses, employing local people—the brick and mortar ones that pay into the tax base. For us in particular, you're not buying a roll of toilet paper. You're not buying a shirt. You're buying something that you're going to put in your mouth. I would rather walk into my local grocery store and put my eyes on lettuce and see that it's actually not wilting or that the meat is coming from a local meat producer that hasn't been injected with steroids, hormones and antibiotics.

IFM: What are some of the things that you love most about running the store and being a part of this company? 

BA: It’s the feedback we get from people, and this is now probably three generations of customers. They come back and tell us, ‘You recommended this thing for pain and inflammation, and I am walking,’ or ‘I had a surgery and I did not need to do an opioid drug because an extract took the edge off my pain and allowed me to recover.’ It's those very rewarding, personal experiences and stories that make a difference.

For More Information

Wealth of Health Natural Market

120 S Woodruff Ave


Idaho Yoga Co-Op

If you’ve spent a good deal of time driving down Broadway recently, then you’ve probably noticed Idaho Yoga Co-Op’s location just down the road from the Walmart and a short walk away from downtown. However, have you ever stopped to take a look inside? If not, you should consider taking a tour of one of their welcoming facilities and participate in a yoga class.

IFM staff got the scoop about what the co-op had to offer, while sitting down with founder, Daysha Hampton:

IFM: What inspired you to bring the co-op to Idaho Falls?

DH: We formed Idaho Yoga Co-Op a little over seven years ago; it was really needed in our community. There wasn't anything like it, and I felt it was necessary to help the community. We offer everything from heated yoga classes to qigong, from yin and restorative yoga to prenatal classes, and lots of monthly specialty classes. 

What’s unique about this time is that people can take classes live online at any of our three locations, via both of our Idaho Falls studios or our Teton Valley studio in Victor, or sign up and utilize a recording that lasts 72 hours. So the whole schedule is wide open for people to explore all we offer in a way that fits their schedule!

IFM: What involvement does the co-op have with the community and other nonprofit organizations?

DH: We have really built the co-op from the ground up, and we are a super community focused non-profit organization. We also support nonprofits offering basic services in our communities, and international nonprofits helping women in India and in parts of Africa. 

IFM: What is something our readers might not know about the co-op?

DH: Our mission is to empower individuals and our community to reach their highest potential. So, that involves a holistic approach to wellness. We also have wellness centers at two of our locations, in both of our Idaho Falls locations, providing various types of massage to Esthetician services and more.

Every year we bring in around four to five instructors from around the region for our teacher training program, and for workshops we have even hosted teachers from LA to the east coast to doctors from India. The 300 hour training is a very holistic well-rounded program that's recognized by Yoga Alliance. We also regularly hold retreats to the Tetons, and have had retreats in Moab and in India for several years. For those interested, we have a lot of outdoor classes in the summertime, with tons of our classes moving outside this past summer.

Another thing people may not know is that we are one of the most affordable places in the country. As far as we are aware, we are the most affordable non-profit in the country offering all that we do with our large schedule in all its variety. 

We’ve offered so much over the years, including several concerts, talks with Buddhist teachers, several forms of dance, tai chi beginner and intermediate groups, community Acupuncture, specialty monthly classes focused on the Meridians, partner yoga and family yoga classes. We’ll be bringing back more and more of these specialty offerings with the light we see ahead, as we move into 2021!

For More Information

Idaho Yoga Co-Op

740 W Broadway St


Teton’s Healthy Hub

Teton’s Healthy Hub opened last March, just as the majority of Idaho Falls shut-down to deal with the increasing cases of COVID-19 throughout the nation. Despite opening during such a challenging time the healthy hub has made a lasting impression on the area with its teas and shakes. Alex Vander spoke with IFM staff about some facts you might not know yet about the new storefront.

IFM: What was the concept that started Teton’s Healthy Hub?

AV: Tyler, one of the co-owners, was a personal trainer. He really wants to help people with their health and nutrition. If somebody is not eating enough, he will write up plans for them. So when he kind of found this concept, it just fit in right with his values. 

IFM: So what are some of the more popular things that you guys sell?

AV: All of our meal replacement shakes. They have 21 vitamins and minerals, 24 grams of protein and they're all low carb, low fat and low sugar. It’s everything you need in a well-balanced meal. And then of course our energizing teas. Those burn calories and sugar, as well as boost your metabolism. People that come after hitting the gym get the post-workout drinks. We also cater toward keto diets and have a menu for kids.

IFM: What are some of the things you put in your shakes that bring people in?

AV: The fact that it's healthy and it just tastes like a treat. A lot of people think of healthy drinks as a green smoothie. We try to make it super fun for them to get everything they need. And so I feel like the taste is really what brings people in.

IFM: What’s something people might not know about Teton’s Healthy Hub? 

AV: Just from the name, many people don't really know the stuff that we offer. For example, we cater towards kids. So I feel like when their friends or family comes through the doors and then they start spreading the word, I feel like that's how it really gets around.

IFM: What is something you love about Teton’s Healthy Hub?

AV: It has a super positive atmosphere. We love customer service. When people are having bad days and they come in, we really like to put a smile on their face before they leave that way, we can be the best part of their day. We love to build relationships.

For More Information

Teton’s Healthy Hub

2071 E 17th St


FB: @TetonsHealthyHub 

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