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Local business serves up new eats to Southeast Idaho

Published online: Feb 03, 2021 Articles, Dining, East Idaho Health
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There’s a new business in town! Prepp'd is cooking up big things off of Hitt Road in Ammon. Prepp'd is a food service based on the popular concept of meal prepping. They offer both in-store purchase and subscription options. Whether you're a workaholic with no time to cook, a busy parent needing a quick, healthy lunch, or you are looking for a mess-free, nutritious and delicious meal, Prepp'd has got you covered. 

Small Beginnings

Prepp'd has already made great strides and quick progress since its opening in July of 2020. In fact, they were in business before they even had a storefront.

"We started cooking meal prep for our friends and family," said Dalin Bernard. Bernard founded the company with his friend and co-worker Chris Parrett, and Bri Clark, a personal trainer and nutritionist. 

When speaking about the origins, Bernard recalled how big it grew before they became an actual business. 

"It got to a point where we cooked 180 servings of food in one sitting for my parents, Chris's parents, Chris's brother, as well as many of our friends and family," he said. "And then we turned that into ‘let's actually see if we can deliver these the way that we're wanting.’"

The idea for Prepp'd first came to Bernard and Parrett, who often travel for business and saw how other larger cities had these types of prepared meal stores and restaurants.

"There's a company in Austin that's very similar to Prepp'd," said Bernard. "Every time I would come back to Idaho Falls, I would complain to Chris that there wasn't anything around here like that."

Bernard was right, and as the population in Idaho Falls and Ammon continues to grow, the need for a prepared meal business has become apparent. Locals have flocked to Prepp'd, allowing upgrades and more customization to be put into place. Although Prepp'd works a little differently than a traditional restaurant or grocery store, there are many reasons to take part in the evolving business.


According to Bernard, a driving proponent in the creation of Prepp'd is having the option to eat healthy. “Fast food is notorious for containing high levels of fat and sodium,” he says, “because that makes meals longer-lasting and supposedly tastier.” 

Prepp'd challenges that by using fresh, healthy ingredients in recipes they have adapted to be low in calories but highly delicious.

"We have no fried food," said Bernard. "We try and source as many organic ingredients as we can, we try to source all of our food from local businesses and local farms, if the ingredients are available."

Prepp'd is also moving towards creating meal accommodations for customers on specific diets. They recently released a low carb meal plan and have a low fat meal plan nearly ready for launch. They will also be offering custom macro based meal plans, personalized exercise plans, nutrition coaching, personal training and more with their in house team.


Prepp’d meals are made with high quality ingredients, and they are completely prepared for you. At first glance, the cost may seem a bit more than the average fast food meal, but the subscription options are very affordable, especially with the time you are saving by not having to shop, cook, prepare, and portion out your food. This gives you a much greater value than you can find at a fast food restaurant. 

"Depending on how many meals you subscribe to per week, you're getting your meals all the way down to $8.49 per meal," said Bernard. "For the quality of the food and the ingredients that we're putting in, our estimates are it would cost you about the same or more to cook that yourself. If you were to grocery shop and cook this for a family of four, and you were trying to copy some of our recipes and flavor, it would probably cost you seven or eight dollars per serving to cook it, and that doesn’t even account for the amount of time you would have to put into it."

Subscription options range from 4–25 prepared meals to be picked up or delivered per week, with significant discounts available for higher orders. 


In the new age of delivered groceries, meals, and packages, Prepp’d is excited to jump in to cook up nutritious and delicious prepared meals that provide no effort on your part. 

Prepp’d supports local business by using custom packaging printed in Idaho Falls. The packages are designed to keep your food cool and fresh during delivery. When you subscribe to Prepp’d, you can choose to have your meals delivered to your door, or you can pick up the meals at the storefront on your selected day. 

Try Out Prepp’d!

You don’t have to be on a weekly meal plan to enjoy Prepp’d meals! They are open for a la carte purchases, and they have a dining area ready to welcome you for lunch. They are currently offering 25% off your first purchase, so it’s the perfect time to give it a try. Prepp’d is open Monday – Saturday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., and is located at 3102 S 25th E in Ammon. Check out their menu and meal plans at


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