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New auctioning website launches home base in I.F.

Published online: Feb 12, 2021 Articles, East Idaho Business I.F. Magazine Staff
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If you expected that new business openings would slow to a halt with the continued effects of the pandemic, your predictions, at least in Idaho Falls, were far off. Although there have been many doors that have closed over the past year, we’ve also seen many new and exciting businesses finding a home in Eastern Idaho. The new auction website, based in Idaho Falls, makes a great case in point.

“Part of what we want to achieve here is to provide significant value through a real auction,” said co-owner Tom Jones Jr. “Let's start everything at a dollar with no reserve, regardless of the value of the item and always make sure we're selling quality merchandise. I’ve bought items from other local auction companies and picked them up only to find they don’t work. And then what do I do? There's no recourse for me to get my money back and we're not going to operate that way, whereas we have a 30 day refund policy and provide an electrical station for buyers to test their products.”

The auction house owned by the Jones family, opened its doors Jan. 2. You can now bid for items from large national box stores as well as the largest online retailers and pick those items up locally at the website’s local storefront location on 2nd St in Idaho Falls or have them shipped to your home.

Shopping Online

The exhilaration generated by purchasing products for insane deals might create an addiction for locals always hunting for a way to pinch pennies. However, searching for deals online can be intimidating if you’ve never participated in an auction before. This is why the Jones family places all of the items up for bid out in their store. Guests are welcome to stop by during store hours and check-out the item they are hoping to purchase. 

Customers can also test items they have purchased on the spot to determine if they are functioning. Mukruk’s return policy also allows bidders to return any project they’ve purchased if it turns out they are displeased or suffering from cold feet. The auction company is already well-known for its astounding business and looks forward to bringing a positive experience to new auction goers. Their core focus is to provide an incredible customer experience for both their buyers and sellers.

Selling Locally

Purchasing items at 50-80% off retail price at their auctions isn’t the only service Mukruk offers. The business will also purchase items or help you to sell goods through their auction site. This relieves the hassle of having to create and monitor your own account, while also allowing you to get goods you no longer need off your hands and cash in your pockets. They have been liquidating estates and businesses for years using both eBay and Amazon.

“What makes us unique in the market is that many of the other auction houses in the area have inventory based solely on consignments,” said Jones. “Meaning all of their inventory comes from people that are bringing stuff in. They're selling it for a commission. Whereas we're a mixed hybrid. Mukruk sources own merchandise via agreements with national liquidation brokers, but we're also taking consignment from the local market.”

Giving Back

Mukruk also offers a 10% discount on any auction purchase for all military (active duty and veterans), first responders, educators and healthcare providers.

Auctions aren’t the only business that will be conducted at Mukruk’s home base. Visitors will also note a large portion of the business’s store front dedicated to children’s books. The books are free to anyone who comes into the store, in an effort to promote children’s literacy in the Idaho Falls area. 

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