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Holiday Fun At Home

Creating your own winter wonderland

Published online: Dec 07, 2020 Home And Garden Missy Poulsen
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I’ll be honest, winter is my least favorite time of the year, at least as far as the weather goes! I’m not a cold weather person in the slightest. I would rather sit by the fire and sip hot cocoa wrapped in a warm blanket than layer on all the clothes and go outside….brrrr! I know, I totally live in the wrong state! I digress though, winter is beautiful in its own way here in Idaho. The blankets of snow that layer the farmers fields and the frosted tips of the pine trees are some of my favorite scenes in this winter wonderland of ours. 

With a few inexpensive supplies you can recreate some of these scenes and add some instant holiday spirit to any area in your home. I have used these on my mantel, as a centerpiece on my dining room table and on side tables in my living room. I always check the thrift stores first, but any local big box store or craft store will have items you can use to make your own winter scene. Look in the ornament section in most stores, they have a great variety. I have also found several toy trucks just the right size in the kids sections before. Keep it fairly simple by only using a few items. Think outside of the box. Old cookie cutters or paper-mache houses would be a fun addition to your scene!

How to create a winter snow scene: 

Start by finding the right size container; consider a deep jar with a lid, like a glass jar or an old canning jar with minimal writing on the outside. 

Make sure you have a good selection of sizes, shapes and colors of items to add visual interest. 

Styling your scene: 

  1. I like to play around with how I will set the scene up before I add the fake snow...that stuff gets everywhere, so the fewer times I have to touch it, the better! 

  2. Start by adding your tallest/biggest item first. 

  3. Place your smaller items around the larger one. 

  4. Once you get it the way you like it, remove the items and add your snow...I like to use one bag per winter scene, depending on the size of your container. 

  5. After you add your snow, place your items on top. 

  6. If you are adding lights, make sure you can hide the battery box, but leave it accessible to turn/off.

Repurpose containers! 

Be creative when finding items to use around your house. I purchased this flower pot this summer and thought it was the perfect base for a new mini tree. Add some colored ornaments and you have a great centerpiece! I love the modern lines mixed with the vintage style ornaments. 

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