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Downtown drinks at Villa Coffeehouse

Published online: Dec 02, 2020 Articles, Dining
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In 2005, Villa Coffeehouse opened in Downtown Idaho Falls. 15 years later, the coffeehouse is a staple to the area, both because of its coffee and because of the calming aesthetic of the dining area. Pictures from local photographers, sitting areas for group meetings and used books to flip through while sipping a coffee make for a welcoming atmosphere.

Coffee is of course at the center of everything Villa Coffeehouse owner Chip Langerak does with his business. New ventures all revolve around what lies at the center of his passion—the science behind a good cup of coffee. 

“I'm a little bit of a coffee nerd, I would say,” Chip Langerak said. “I'm really interested in things that are new in the coffee world. I'm not as interested in novelty type things as I am in things that actually have an impact on flavor and the science behind it.”

What is Chip’s latest interest you might ask? Nitro brewing. The Villa Coffeehouse owner dove into the world of nitro brewing by exploring restaurants that served the drink in nearby cities and then studying the mechanics of converting a keg into a similar machine for coffee. His coffeehouse now sells cups of nitro coffee at their brick and mortar shop downtown, at the Idaho Falls Farmers Market during the summer season and at their shop located in Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC), which opened in 2019.

The mission of Villa Coffeehouse isn’t just to bring the latest and greatest to the Idaho Falls area; it’s to perfect what is already on the menu with a perfect cup of coffee that will keep customers coming back for more. Menu items, such as bagels and hot chocolate, receive just as much attention and love as Villa’s coffee. No matter your preference, head on downtown this winter and get a taste of the passion behind Villa Coffeehouse.


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