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Plants to brighten your home

Published online: Nov 17, 2020 Articles
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House plants are a great way to bring some cheer to your household. A variety of plants can add a fresh burst of color to your home, which might be just what you need to escape the rut we fall into when we’re craving a bright summer day.

Here are some plants IFM staff recommends for your home:

1.) Succulents and Cacti -- These are houseplants staples. Succulents and cacti have especially grown in popularity with the trending boho style. They’re easy to care for, requiring the bare minimum in watering and they’ll thrive sitting on your windowsill.

2.) Marimos -- You might know these as moss balls. Marimos are often used as decorative pieces in fish tanks, but they also look great in clear vases and canisters. You’ll want to do your research before purchasing a marimo, but some basic pointers include keeping it out of direct sunlight, keeping its container open to fresh air and changing the water as needed.

3.) Peace Lily -- These lilies are not only an excellent plant for beginners or friends lacking a greenthumb, but they also are known as one of the top air purifying plants. And of course, everyone loves a plant that flowers, giving you the chance to see the fruit of your labors.

4.) ZZ Plant -- ZZ stands for zamioculcas zamiifolia. The ZZ tolerates various levels of lighting and watering, just make sure to adjust its watering schedule depending on how much light it gets. This plant is a slow grower, but can grow as tall as 3 feet. ZZ is also toxic to pets, so make sure to keep it out of reach. 

5.) Creeping Charlie -- The first thing to appear when googling “Creeping Charlie” is a list of ways to kill this vine, because of a weed with the same name. This vine can grow to be three feet long, so you will want to trim it as needed. Otherwise, it’s pretty low-maintenance. 

6.) Snake Plant -- Though technically a succulent, the snake plant because of its size and easy to care for temperment. Just make sure not to overwater it. That’s the one thing that could take this magnificent beauty out in an instant. 

7.) Weeping Fig -- This indoor tree does especially well in homes and offices because it thrives despite low-lighting. This tree can grow to be 60 feet tall, but must people prune it to keep it within the 3-6 foot range.

8.) Spider Plant -- This another plant that’s difficult to kill. The Spider Plant won’t immediately die if you forget to water it and it does well in indirect sunlight. It also reproduces quickly on its own, so you will likely have its offspring to tend to in no time.

9.) Lucky Bamboo -- Growing quickly in popularity, Lucky Bamboo can be found most anywhere at an affordable price. Unlike the plants list above, Lucky Bamboo prefers lots of sunlight, so you’ll place it as close to the sun as you can get it in your home or office.

10.) Dracaena Warnekii -- This is another plant you’ll want to keep away from your pets. This plant can survive next to no light and doesn’t require much water. However, Dracaena Wanekii thrives with a little light.

These plants will not only bring some life to your home, but provide a wide-variety of benefits, including purified air, increase your optimism and improve mental health. Add houseplants to your living space and watch your life transform.


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