Waterfalls of Southern Idaho

Oh! the Splashes You’ll See

Published online: Oct 12, 2020 Articles, East Idaho Outdoors Krystal Hernandez
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One of the best things about Southern Idaho is the abundant amounts of nature that surrounds the area. Southern Idaho offers many places to explore, including bounteous amounts of waterfalls. You do not have to go far to enjoy these cascading scenes throughout the region.

Fall Creek Falls

If you are looking for a day to get away and some lovely falls to enjoy without a tiring hike then a visit to Fall Creek Falls is what you need. These falls are nestled in Swan Valley and feature a unique fall. It is conveniently only a 50 minute drive from Idaho Falls, which makes for a relaxing Sunday drive. 

Upper & Lower Mesa Falls

The Upper and Lower Mesa Falls are only three miles apart from each other and both are worth seeing. The Falls are part of Henry’s Fork in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The Upper falls is 114 feet high and 200 feet wide with a great viewing overlook. It is a breathtaking view and the trail even offers handicap accessible walkways. Just downstream the Lower Falls is 65 feet high, but it is not as easily accessible as the Upper Falls. The falls are just over an hour away from Idaho Falls and are worth the drive. There is a small fee to see the Upper Mesa Falls of $5 paid by cash or check. 

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls, often called “Niagara of the West,” is nestled near Twin Falls. It is one of the United States largest waterfalls and even surpasses the height of Niagara Falls. There is a trail for visitors to use that guides down to overlook the falls. The Falls are two and half hours away from Idaho Falls, so if you are looking for a great day trip then Shoshone Falls is a great option. Be sure to bring $5.00 for the vehicle fee. 

Union Falls

Union Falls are one of the most unique falls in the area. It is the second tallest falls in Yellowstone National Park just after Lower Yellowstone Falls. Union Falls is unique for its cascading water which classifies it as a fan type waterfall. The falls are 250 feet long and are part of Mountain Ash Creek. If you are looking to see these falls be prepared for a 16.6-mile round trip hike with a rating of intermediate, but reviews say the view is worth the price of the hike. 

Here are a few other waterfalls in the area that are within 200 miles of Idaho Falls that are worth seeing: Perrine Coulee Falls, Pillar Falls, Sheep Falls and Terraced Falls. While some of these are easy-access, others require four-wheel drive or the stamina for a good hike. There are plenty of waterfalls in Southern Idaho, so don’t go chasing waterfalls because we have already done that for you. Just hop in the car and enjoy the beautiful nature that Southern Idaho has to offer you. 

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