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Coming together at the Irish Pub

Published online: Oct 11, 2020 Articles Emily FitzPatrick
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The Celt is a staple of downtown Idaho Falls. The restaurant has been sitting on the corner of Park Avenue for 7 years and it is almost impossible to imagine there was anything else in its place before, especially given the fact that the new owners of the building did everything possible to preserve its integrity. 

Eating Local

“Shop local” is a phrase you’ll hear wherever you go in Historic Downtown. The Celt has taken this to heart by not only encouraging locals to eat at their Idaho Falls based bar and pub, but by also shopping for local ingredients themselves.

“We definitely try to focus on using local products as much as possible,” said manager, Liza McGeachin. “We want to support other local brands, such as breweries, distilleries and bakeries. We actually get some of our bread down the street from Vanilla Bean. The Celt is a family. We’re a family business, but we also try to  include our employees into feeling like they’re part of the family as well.”

Day-to-day life at The Celt might look a little different because of COVID-19, but business has carried on as usual. When restaurants and bars were mandated to close, the restaurant shifted to take-out dining and with social distance regulations continuing, the restaurant has moved forward with plans to expand their outside seating area. Patrons will now find a nice canopy and chairs where they can enjoy a drink or catch some shade while shopping downtown. 

Building a Home

Liza McGeachin feels a special connection to the restaurant she manages since it has always been a labor of love for her family. The McGeachin family simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass when they saw the downtown building was up for sale following the recession. The intersection of Broadway and Park Ave was the perfect host of a pub for travelers and locals alike.

“We’ve always felt like a pub is something that should exist in every town, every city you go in you can find an Irish pub pretty easily,” Liza said. “It’s usually a welcoming place and we feel like a pub is supposed to be a place for everybody. It’s a home for everyone from all different walks of life. I think we’ve been able to accomplish that. We really do have all different types of people come in.”

Deciding What to Eat

The hardest part about going out to eat at any restaurant is deciding what to eat, but this is especially true at The Celt. With so many delectable menu items coming to a consensus is a near impossible task, so Liza gave some recommendations, so you can exchange the amount of time spent reading the menu with laughing over drinks.

“The fish and chips are our top seller,” Liza said. “They’re red snapper, so that’s a little bit different. A lot of fish and chips are normally made with cod. So it’s another type of fish. We hand cut them and then hand dip them. Our wings and the majority of our meats are also smoked in house.”

Whether you’re looking for a full three-course meal or a drink after making it through the work day, The Celt is a spot where you can gather with friends, while knowing you’ll be taken care of like a member of the family.  


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