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Published online: Oct 26, 2020 East Idaho Business
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AMMON -- A group of community leaders from across the state recently announced they are joining together to launch a campaign called Imagine Idaho, which is aimed at increasing awareness around the importance of broadband throughout Idaho. Imagine Idaho’s ultimate goal is increased broadband access that allows all Idahoans to live, learn and work anywhere in our great state. The awareness campaign includes a coalition of community and civic leaders who are dedicated to ensuring that every Idahoan has access to reliable broadband. Imagine Idaho is committed to serving Idaho communities and citizens by helping promote policies that help their ability to deploy broadband-communications infrastructure in a pro-competitive way.

The benefits of broadband internet services throughout Idaho open the state to innovation and more economic opportunities. The COVID-19 crisis has only made increased broadband access more critical to Idaho citizens. Broadband internet helps all Idahoans advance their educational pursuits, telemedicine access, businesses, farms and ranches, remote work capabilities, and it strengthens social ties.

Imagine Idaho has assembled a powerful and growing group of community leaders from across the state including the Idaho Hospital Association, the Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON), the Port of Lewiston, the Association of Idaho Cities, economic development groups, local elected officials, businesses and citizens. The coalition continues to grow daily with Idaho leaders joining regularly to help support the goal of increased broadband in Idaho.

“The benefits of increased broadband access in Idaho are numerous including economic benefits, educational benefits, telemedicine benefits and much more,” said Executive Director of the Association of Idaho Cities Kelley Packer. “The members of Imagine Idaho are deeply committed to helping find policy solutions that will increase broadband access in their communities and allow Idahoans to live, learn and work anywhere in our great state.”

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