Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Teton Radiology announces Find The One Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and educational partnership with Know Your Lemons

Published online: Sep 28, 2020 Articles, East Idaho Health
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IDAHO FALLS -- Teton Radiology recently announced a partnership with the Know Your Lemons Foundation and the start of the Find the One breast cancer awareness campaign. 

According to the National Cancer Institute, the average woman has a 12.9% chance of developing breast cancer at some point during her lifetime. This percentage equates to a statistic slightly higher than a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer. The partnership between Teton Radiology and Know Your Lemons constitutes a significant commitment from both parties to increase awareness efforts in East Idaho and address a lethal disease very prevalent in our communities. 

Awareness efforts will focus on the two most powerful tools to fight breast cancer - education and diagnosis. If breast cancer is diagnosed in an early stage, it is treatable in 98% of total cases. In part because of the treatment efficacy, there is a 90% survival rate among breast cancer patients. Per Dr. Mike Enslow, local proponent of breast cancer awareness and breast imaging specialist at Medical Imaging Associates, “We have no doubt that the educational benefits of this partnership will lead to an increase in self-examinations, professional mammograms, healthy discussions, and lives saved.”

The Know Your Lemons Foundation is aware of the potential change that education can make. Led by Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, Know Your Lemons creates education easy by showing the early signs of breast cancer with lemons. This unique approach has made the education aspect of breast cancer awareness highly relatable and much more comfortable to discuss. What was once an idea has now become a global educational outreach in over 20 languages and to nearly 1 billion of the world’s population. 

In the fight against breast cancer, action and education are the key. The localized effort for Teton Radiology to increase action and education is branded as One in Eight, Find the One. This message speaks to the percentage of women that will fight breast cancer at some point in their life. With the right level of awareness and detection, Teton Radiology invites Eastern Idaho to join in the search for “the one in eight” women who will fight this deadly ailment. 


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