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Follow Your Stomach

Published online: Jul 09, 2020 Articles, Road Trips Emily FitzPatrick
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When you plan a road trip it is normally with a particular purpose in mind -- to visit the ghost town you’ve been reading for the past six months or hit the ski resort slopes you’ve been dreaming about since last winter. 

However, have you ever thought about planning a trip simply for the sake of following your stomach? If not, then both you and your stomach are missing out on a world of tastes. 

Peach City

Brigham City, UT

Whether you’re on the go or looking for a stop to post on Instagram this is the place for you. This drive-in diner is known for its remarkable shapes and affordable fast food including hot dogs and hamburgers. Don’t forget to walk off the calories by taking a quick walk around Brigham City’s downtown.

Elmer’s Restaurant

Pocatello, ID

If you don’t get the crepes or hash browns at Elmer’s, then you’re missing out. This is the perfect stop for breakfast on the way to Utah, especially since this the point on the journey when hunger usually strikes.

Frost Top

Ashton, ID

You need this old-fashioned diner in your life. The drive in has been around for over 40 years, serving affordable food that anyone can sink their teeth into. Pick up your sweet and salty cravings before heading for a drive on the Mesa Falls scenic by-way.

Pickle’s Place

Arco, ID

The Atomic Burger and fried pickles at Pickle’s Place are legendary. As the name hints, the pickles are a must-have. This restaurant is one of few choices over by Arco and is a must-stop especially if you are planning a road trip to Craters of the Moon.

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