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Published online: Jun 22, 2020 Articles Brady Kay
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There are plenty of advantages to living in southeastern Idaho and one particular benefit is the variety of restaurants in our area. For those searching for a sports bar or a more family-style or date night dining atmosphere with a quality menu, there is actually one establishment that not only offers both, but does so better than any other restaurant/bar combo around? If you have ever experienced The Firehouse Grill in Ammon, this isn’t news to you. 

It’s not much of a secret since it’s known as a local hotspot as well as must-stop for visitors passing through our area. It’s also worth noting Firehouse has been voted “best happy hour” in town for many years. With a dining area separate from the bar area, you get two different atmospheres all under one roof. 

Palm Trees?

If you haven’t had a chance to stop in yet then at the very least you’ve probably noticed the palm trees out front as you’ve drove down 25th Street. Yes, palm trees! As in those tropical trees you see in postcards from Florida and other southern regions. But thanks to some creativity (and determination), owners Kevin and Carol La Fleur have brought a little touch of paradise to our area.

“I love palm trees so we hauled them up from Vegas and planted them out front, which is just one advantage to not being a chain,” explains Kevin. “We can do those types of things, which help make us unique. My wife is the best part of me and I couldn’t run this business like we do without her. She keeps me in check when I start talking about palm trees.”

The Firehouse Grill name is inspired by Kevin’s experiences with his great uncle, a member of the Chicago Fire Department that left an impression on him as a boy. And like real firefighters, it’s all about serving others which is another advantage to not being a chain. Here it’s not about getting people in and out as quickly as possible, but rather the Firehouse staff encourages patrons to stay longer and have a great time while watching sporting events on over 40 flat screen televisions found throughout the bar as well as dining area.  


The only downside to a menu of this size is to know where to begin, so we’ll give you a time-saving tip: Start with the Italian Nachos. Instead of tortilla chips, you’ll be served deep fried wontons, melted Mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, chicken, herbed tomatoes, jalapenos, olives and Alfredo sauce. The light, non-greasy nachos are amazing and we’re not the first to recognize their greatness. 

“I came across this article at on epic nachos for every state and was curious to see who they had for Idaho when I discovered our Italian Nachos were voted number one,” recalls Kevin. “I wasn’t even told, I just found out on my own.”

Main Course

Kevin’s inspiration for his specialty dishes stem from places he and his wife have visited over the years. The “Linguine and Clams” dish comes from time spent in Seattle, Wash., and includes linguine, steamed clams sautéed in butter, garlic, herbed tomatoes, parsley, lemon and white wine served with a slice of toast. It is cooked to perfection, bursting with flavor in each bite, and includes a generous serving of clams. 

The Widow Maker is another house favorite. This beast of a burger comes on a toasted deli style bun with layers of high-quality beef, bacon, cheese and ham.  

From its Signature Entrees section of the menu, the Fireman’s Ribeye is an easy choice as it will melt in your mouth and it might just be the biggest/best steak you’ll ever eat. It is 22-ounce choice hand cut beef, rubbed with dark espresso, ancho and chipotle chili. Topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms, it is served medium rare and pan seared in a 500 degree oven to seal in the juices.

End your evening with a Kazooki Sundae, which is vanilla ice cream served on top of a fresh baked chocolate chip or white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. And while the delicious food will most likely be the highlight of the night, if you get a chance to meet the owner you’ll not only appreciate his passion for the restaurant business, but also his passion for life and for helping others. 

“Life is short, so love everybody,” says Kevin who has encountered his share of trials over the years. “I enjoy making a connection with the people I come in contact with each and every day.”

He not only has a way with interacting with those who dine with him, but he also has a special connection with those on his staff. Together with his wife of 25 years they have three children of their own, yet Kevin affectingly refers to his nearly 40 employees as his kids too, which explains the low turnover.

Speaking of children, the next generation of this family-owned business is currently underway with his daughter Kyah Boyd and her husband David taking on the general manager responsibilities of the business. With over 35 years in the restaurant business and client increases for 13 straight years, Kevin has set the bar high. Come see for yourself what it’s like to experience all The Firehouse Grill has to offer. 

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