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CISA and INL Release Commercial Routing Assistance App

Published online: May 06, 2020 Articles
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IDAHO FALLS -- The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) launched a new Commercial Routing Assistance (CRA) tool today for truckers and other commercial drivers in the U.S. This free app incorporates coordinated data streams and plots multiple routing options so commercial operators can plan and manage vehicle movements across multiple states quickly in times of disasters or other restrictions.

“The nation’s critical infrastructure and essential services rely on the ability to move goods along our transportation systems and disruptions can cause supply chain issues and ripple effects across the country. This app will help the trucking industry operate effectively and efficiently and prepare for emergency situations in order to ensure the delivery of goods and resources to government, industry and the American public,” said Bob Kolasky who leads CISA’s National Risk Management Center.

This app, which CISA funded and INL developed in partnership with industry and government operational professionals, leverages coordinated data streams provided by the All Hazards Consortium (AHC) Sensitive Information Sharing Environment (SISE) to visualize and streamline commercial vehicle movement across multiple states by aggregating documents, information, and data relevant to the logistics industry in times of restricted operations. 

"Our capabilities are highly relevant to the missions of CISA and the Department of Homeland Security," said Marianne Walck, INL's deputy laboratory director for science and technology. "This technology is just one of the many products America's national laboratories are developing during this time of need, and I couldn't be more proud of their work.”


For more information and access to the Commercial Routing Assistance (CRA) tool landing page, visit  

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Idaho National Laboratory (INL)



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