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A cozy getaway like no other

Published online: Feb 20, 2020 Road Trips Brady Kay
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It seems this time of year couples in southeast Idaho are longing for an overnight escape to help break up those mundane winter routines. While Valentine’s Day this month is a good motivation to take a quick trip and get out of town with your sweetheart, the Kodiak Mountain Resort in Afton, Wyo., is proving anytime is a good time to come for a visit.

Star Valley is just a short two hour drive from Idaho Falls, which is perfect for those last minute or even planned getaways. The Kodiak Mountain Resort, known for its cozy cabins and friendly staff, is made up of 28 individual cabins in four different styles ranging from the cozy queen and cozy king cabins to the family adventure cabins and the ultimate couple’s cabin, which is ideal for a honeymoon or anniversary.

“Kodiak is one in a million,” says Rachelle Call who manages the resort with her husband Jordan. “Being able to stay in your own cabin with amazing technology and the rustic lifestyle is ideal for a fun getaway. The amazing craftsmanship that went into the cabins makes our resort very unique with a tub and a fireplace in every cabin to help create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.”

Kodiak first opened for business in August 2016 with all the logs coming from the Bridger-Teton National Forest and all the materials from within the valley. Opening soon is a new lodge on the property that will offer complimentary breakfast, the “Blissful Bear” spa, as well as a gift shop and will also include a large conference room. 

Other amenities offered by Kodiak include a massage therapist on site, a kid’s playground, hot tub and a pavilion that could be used for family reunions and other events. In the summer the resort also offers an RV park, which houses nearly 60 RVs, as well as the “Bear Pit” food trailer.

While the summer months continue to be the busiest for the resort, snowmobiling and other winter recreational activities this time of year keep the resort busy year-round. 

Walking into one of the Kodiak cabins provides a feeling of being home, which is exactly what resort owner Lynn Call was going for when he first began planning. 

Lynn wanted to make Kodiak a place where family could spend time together at an affordable price,” adds Rachelle. “And we’ve been able to do just that, which makes our resort the ideal place for couples and families.”

The next time you need a break from your daily routine, head over to Star Valley for an overnight getaway at the Kodiak Mountain Resort for a cozy and unique atmosphere that is truly like nothing else.   


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Kodiak Mountain Resort

82717 Highway 89

Afton, WY 83110






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