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Published in the February 2020 Issue Published online: Jul 20, 2020 Articles, Dining Seth Harper
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Several new restaurants opened this past year, giving downtown Idaho Falls more diversity in its food scene. Idaho Falls now claims a New York deli, a place for quality cheese and a rustic, unique restaurant with healthy food options.

Pickle Deli

Bill Gersonde spent 30 years of his career as a zoo director, with the first 19 of those years taking place at Tautphaus Park Zoo. After spending time at a zoo in Texas, Gersonde’s friends pressured him to come back to Idaho Falls and feed them.

How does someone go from taking care of zoo animals to owning their own restaurant? Years of high school and college restaurant experience. And just like with The Beatles, he had a little help from his friends.

“There were some things that I wasn’t sure about,” Gersonde said. “Luckily I have some friends that have been in the industry and they were instrumental in helping me out, kinda giving me some direction.”

Throughout Pickle Deli’s beginnings, conservation has been a big part of what the team does there.  They use consumer recycled products when possible, using hormone-free, GMO-free free-range chickens.

515 Park Ave.

Open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Saturday


Manwaring Cheese 

This family-owned dairy joint may be new to Idaho Falls, but has been around Idaho for over half a century. Getting its start in Ashton with Basil Manwaring at the helm, Manwaring Cheese opened up in Rigby in 2011, with it finally moving to Idaho Falls in 2019.

“Our favorite part of the experience has been working with our kids and teaching them how to run a business,” said Justin Manwaring, co-owner with his wife, Amber Manwaring. “We laid a lot of tile together and have some great memories.”

In addition to the 15 flavors of cheese made on location, Manwaring Cheese serves gelato with 12 different flavor options.

310 N Eastern Ave.

Open 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday



It’s always been about the customers for owner Raymond Gouchenour. AltaVita has been around Pocatello for 8 years, recently expanding to Idaho Falls after requests from locals promising their support.

AltaVita carries a unique menu, allowing people with different dietary wants or needs to enjoy a meal in their aesthetically appealing dining area. Half of the menu consists of meat-based foods, with the other half plant-based. They also have gluten-free dining options.

“A lot of the customers that we attract are ones that want a delicious, adventurous meal while having a nutritious meal at the same time,” Gouchenour said. “Some of our other customers ... have very specific dietary needs that we are easily able to accommodate because of the way we've designed our menu. Our vision for the future is to continue to grow so that we serve delicious and nutritious food while also accommodating diet interests and needs for as many people as possible.”

313 Park Avenue

Open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday


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