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Published in the January 2020 Issue Published online: Jan 24, 2020 Photography IFM Editor
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The Third Annual Yellowstone Photography Symposium wrapped up at the beginning of May 2019. Chas Glatzer, an official Canon Explorer of Light, left everyone in attendance with a reignited passion for photographing life and capturing moments worth saving. 

As one of the world’s leading professional photographers, Chas is known for inspiring and educating photographers at every age and skill level to pursue a passion for creative photography. This past symposium drew in an array of instructors focused on teaching nature, wildlife, and landscape photography in one of the greatest natural playgrounds. 

Instructors included:

  •  Geologist, Dr. Duncan Foley, taught how to accent the parks liveliness.

  • BYU-I professor, Caryn Esplin, instructed attendees on how to cement theory with practical application of shooting.

  •  Steven Hatch brought both inspiration and solid technique to creative image development.  

  • Doug Owens and Ed Cannady, seasoned park rangers, provided a perspective on photography and protecting our wildlands.  

  • Marc Morris, of Tamron, comparted his incredible knowledge of lens technology, inspiring and educating photographers in capturing divine Yellowstone images.

Throughout the symposium, Christopher Balmer, owner of Photo Adventure Workshops, Perfect Light Camera and now, the newly opened Yellowstone Camera Store provided teaching and education on everything from understanding the intricacies of exposure to capturing the best possible images in camera.

“One of our primary goals is to help people understand how to get the best possible images ‘in camera’ so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in post-processing and all of that stuff,” stated Perfect Light representative Kevin Odette. “We really want people to experience these moments in time and be able to capture these moments they’re encountering.”

The experience at the symposium was one of a kind and perhaps you are already kicking yourself about this missed opportunity, but don’t get too hard on yourself yet. You haven’t missed your chance to fill your walls with your own Yellowstone photography with the help of trained professionals. The 4th Annual Yellowstone Photography Symposium is already scheduled for  May 11-16, 2020 in West Yellowstone, Montana. So hustle on over to Perfect Light’s website and get your tickets before they’re gone!

​The Yellowstone Camera Store

Christopher Balmer recently expanded his camera services from Idaho Falls to Yellowstone. Balmer opened the new location, The Yellowstone Camera Store, in 2019 with a roaring success. 

“People were coming in for everything,” Kevin Odette shared, “From buying cameras and lenses to getting a little information about what’s going on in the park and stopping into chat. It’s become kind of hub for people to stop before they go into the park or after they come out and just share some of their stories. It's really been an exciting adventure with that store.”

The store deals Nikon, Cannon, Sony and other top brands. Balmer’s latest venture continues expanding photography education through Photo Adventure Workshops and more.


For More Information


Perfect Light Camera & Supply

2169 E 17th Street

Idaho Falls, Idaho

(208) 523-6789


The Yellowstone Camera Store

16 N Canyon Street

West Yellowstone, MT  59758

(406) 646-5191

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