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Giving in Idaho Falls

Dr. Morton and ZimbabWEcare lead benefit concert

Published online: Jan 23, 2020 Articles, Best of IF, CommuniTeam IFM Editor
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What sacrifices do you make for people you don’t even know? Every year, Dr. Jared Morton and an entire team from ZimbabWEcare of Idaho Falls serve on a medical mission in Africa. They sacrifice two weeks of their lives and more to give to Zimbabweans instead of pampering themselves with a luxurious vacation.

Everyone that runs into Dr. Morton knows about the service he offers and frequently feel inspired to give as well. Friends and wellwishers pass along goods to donate which he stores in his garage and donating money for the team he’s with to bring more bags of supplies. All of this -- plus the $3,000 each attendee of the group pays -- is just a small portion of the sacrifice leading to ZimbabWEcare’s annual medical mission.

Dr. Morton and the team, comprised of Eric Rose, Liatt Potter, general surgeon, Michael Lemon,  an ER doc, Joe Anderson, a dentist, Scott Pickett, along with numerous nurses, nurse practitioners, CNAs and other medical professionals work to help as quickly and efficiently as possible. Together they provide long and short-term forms of aid.

“They brought a little girl in a wheelchair to me that was comatose and having seizures,” Dr. Morton shared. “We fixed her and got her better, but they took her back to this area and they said you need to leave this clinic and come with us. So, we show up to this field and 600 people show up, and they’re trading clothes because they don’t have anything to wear and we just see them for two days straight.”

There are some that seek medical attention from Dr. Morton whose conditions, such as tumors, are too far advanced for any life-saving. To these people, he gives pain medications in hopes that they will be able to find respite from their pain in their final days.

On top of the immediate medical attention Dr. Morton contributes, he also educates when possible, providing locals with the knowledge they need in order to strengthen their quality of life. For example, over the years ZimbabWEcare has taught people how to farm, providing them with seeds and demonstrating how to care for crops. 

This and other projects allow for the group to make a lasting difference, rather than sticking a BandAid on the central problem -- the level of poverty. ZimbabWEcare makes a permanent impact by doing what they can to help Zimbabweans find self-sufficiency, sharing the good of Idaho Falls with those who need it most.

The Big Event

Wondering how you can make a difference right here in Idaho Falls? Take the time to check-out more about how you can help on and be sure not to miss the benefit concert this month.

Tickets include access to an open bar and entertainment rolling in all the way from Los Angeles! This is an event that you won’t want to miss, so make sure to join ZimbabWEcare for a fun night and raise money for their cause. 

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To read more about ZimbabWEcare and the medical missions of Dr. Morton

check-out the feature article coming in March.


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