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A Smart City

Mayor Casper addresses the city with 2020 goals

Published online: Jan 10, 2020 CommuniTeam
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Did you tune in last night to Mayor Rebecca Casper’s Annual State of the City Address? If not, no worries. We’ve got you covered with a quick briefing of Mayor Casper’s goals for the city in 2020. 

“The state of our city is strong and the future of Idaho Falls is bright,” stated Mayor Caper before launching into the city’s 2020 goals.

The central theme of Mayor Casper’s address was becoming a smart city. For the city this includes fully utilizing all public services supported by service fees, ranging from the airport to Idaho falls Power. A breakdown of goals for the city’s enterprises is outlined below:

Idaho Falls Airport

This will actually be a two year project with the following changes extending into 2021:

-3 new terminals

-New flights into Denver

-Expanding the lobby and TSA

-Delta and United to bring in larger aircrafts


-City will continue to expand their fiber network

Idaho Falls Power

-Work on replacing reactors


-City is researching new possibilities, trying to find a plastics company to work with that’s the right fit

-Glass recycling will be added as an option for Idaho Falls citizens


-Replace the water tower, there’s no other options it’s falling apart, so it has to go

Public Safety

-Build the new police station at the stockyard site the city recently purchased as soon as possible

-Provide emotional support for law enforcement officers

Quality of Life

-Bonneville Hotel’s apartments will be opening with 35 new apartments

-City is working with groups such as Habitat for Humanity to look into new home building opportunities and prevent prices of the housing market from being driven upwards

Parks & Recreation

-Implement minimal landscaping that remains visually pleasing and saves money

-Addition of a splash pad at the zoo by 2020


-Gather as a community to work on restoring Fun Land

This is a hefty list of goals to accomplish in 2020, bringing a lot of changes to the landscape of Idaho Falls. However, there is one thing we know for certain. Whatever the new year brings, Idaho Falls will grow to be the stronger, smarter city we all envision.


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