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Published online: Dec 09, 2019 Articles, Best of IF, Events, Family Fun Guide, Looking Back
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Downtown Idaho Falls is a special place. I’ve heard it described a handful of ways, but I think I love how it was described best by Lee Radford, who has written an article about The Bonneville Hotel project for this section.

We are the beneficiaries of people who had huge goals with vision and audacious goals. If you look back, it was a bold idea to build a bridge across a river. Another bold idea was to develop a system of canals and dams to give us agricultural depth and prosperity. Another bold decision was to put generators in our river and capture a resource we had readily available for our community’s good.

Bold and audacious goals bring together the visions that pull us together and help unify us.

This is what downtown is about, and it is a gift.

--Catherine Smith, Special Section Guest Editor


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