A Comfy Startup

Desk jockeys rejoice! I.F.'s Paul and Stefanie Crockett have started Loftmat -- the “world’s first fully cushioned mouse pad.”

Published online: Dec 18, 2019 Articles, East Idaho Business, East Idaho Health
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20 years of IT work gave Paul Crockett two things: 20 years of IT experience, and severe wrist pain. Crockett began using packaging foam to support his wrist and found the pain dissipate almost entirely.

“I could not bend my wrist to lift a fork of food to my mouth at the dinner table,” Crockett said. “After a few months of the pain continuing to subside, I realized I had to share this with others.”

That’s when Paul and his wife, Stefanie, started Loftmat, which according to the Loftmat website, acts as the “world’s first fully cushioned mouse pad.”

The Loftmat mouse pad consists of fabrics, foams and a rubber base put together to create a fully cushioned top surface. This gives support to pressure points and comfort to wrist pain.

For Paul, the change from IT work to business owner was as exciting as it was scary.

“I am naturally a pretty timid, quiet, introverted guy,” Paul said. “I like security. I like being prepared. I like planning for what is ahead. When you leave something that accomplished all of those things for something that is very unpredictable, it can really rock your world.  By far, the stress of the unknown was the hardest part.  That said, the transition has brought us together as a family.  We made the choice to step out and we had to see it through.”

Loftmat items can now be found online at Walmart, Amazon and the Loftmat website, offering ergonomic support for all. This success has made all the stress the Crocketts faced worth it. Not only were they starting a business, they were learning how to start a business, which included avoiding the temptations to quit when things got too stressful.

“When we sold our first few mousepads and started hearing how the public loved them, and when we started getting repeat orders, confirming what I had been hoping for, I began to feel a little of that stress and worry lessen,” said Paul. “It’s still there in a lot of ways because we have to keep the momentum going and growing, but knowing people love our product and that it is significantly helping them, definitely makes it all worth it.”

Paul and Stephanie want to help people. While relieving wrist pain remains a big part of that, Loftmat also bring jobs to the community through their factory in Idaho Falls.

“I love that my product has the potential to affect people in a positive way, physically and emotionally,” said Paul. “ If my product can help others feel their best, avoid surgeries, and overall just make them a little happier in their day-to-day life, then it makes sense why I am loving what I do.”

According to Stephanie, Loftmat plans to expand their business, starting with releasing new products, some meant specifically for hospitals. Loftmat hopes to build more factories in places that need economic growth, again continuing the Loftmat mission of helping people.


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