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Ketchum Burrito brings a fresh, healthy approach to Mexican cuisine

Published online: Nov 26, 2019 Articles, Dining, East Idaho Business
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Eight years after purchasing the two Ketchum Burritos in Ketchum and Hailey, Javier Serva and his family have expanded to restaurants in McCall, Twin Falls, Pocatello and most recently, Idaho Falls at a rate of about one new store a year.

Serva started at the Hailey, Idaho Ketchum Burrito in 2007, working his way up to manager. He hired his brother, made the purchase, and turned KB’s into a family business across all of Idaho with him and his five brothers running the show.

According to the KB’s website, a location in Eagle, Idaho is coming soon, but they’re not stopping there.

“We hope to open more,” said Serva. “We want to keep expanding slowly. We don’t want to over-expand because it’s a family business. We want to keep it in the family.”

Serva also wants to continue looking for new potential spots around Idaho and Utah.

“We kinda jump where we see good opportunity,” Serva said. “When we look at a location, we actually personally go around, see what the potential is. We’re young. We’re really eager to keep expanding and share some love.”

Across the six Idaho locations, Serva said they like to keep things consistent. That means similar paint jobs, arrangements and ways of taking orders. With each location also comes a sense of pride in the health of their food.

“We are really healthy,” Serva said. “It’s made to order, fresh. We do things unique. We do things different. Nice and clean food.”

Serva said they train their employees from the bottom up, from prepping the food to cooking it, in order to give them more knowledge about ingredients and company secrets. The goal is for them be able to be able to talk to customers about what they do.

“We’re not fast food,” Serva said. “But we’re really fast.”

Ketchum Buritto offers vegan and gluten free food options. They also have a weekly “Taco Tuesday”, which includes discounts on tacos and live music after 5 p.m.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., the Idaho Falls location can be found on Hitt Road (2990 S 25th E). For more information, call 208-523-5958 or visit www.kbsburrito.com.


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