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What you need to know about downtown parking

Published online: Nov 09, 2019 Articles, East Idaho Business
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Heads up, Idaho Falls downtowners: the Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation (IFDDC) is now monitoring the on-street 2-hour parking throughout the city's cultural district. 

Using grant funds, IFDDC has purchased new technology to manage downtown parking more effectively. After a year and a half of research and visits to other cities of similar size, IFDDC launched new efforts to effectively manage the downtown parking -- including both on-street and off-street parking. 

Changes are NOT being made to the hours of free parking or cost of parking in the
pay-to-park lots. Note: 95% of parking downtown is free, and the 2-hour parking that is on-street will remain free. This applies to parking Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Weekends are open parking.

According to IFDDC, the 2-hour on-street parking should be utilized by customers and visiting patrons only.
Building tenants, occupants, staffs and employees should not park in the on-street 2-hour spaces. Overall, there are 1,084 on-street parking spaces available and 3,054 off-street spaces available. 

IFDDC will be utilizing technology to manage the parking with a UTV vehicle that is street-legal equipped with License Plate Reader technology.

The vehicle will circulate downtown and take note of the license plate numbers with a timestamp in the software. When the License Plate Reader returns to the location where the car is parked and it has stayed beyond the 2-hour window, the driver will be ticketed.

The fees for the tickets remain the same, and tickets will be produced with a computer system and printed on a weatherproof material and placed on the car under the windshield wiper. This will include 10-minute loading spaces as well.

IFDDC urges downtown business owners to refrain from parking in the loading space for more than the allowed 10 minutes.

Parking citations that are issued can be paid online at or at the Downtown PARK IF office located at 381 Shoup Avenue, Suite 207.

Email: for additional questions or comments.


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