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Culinary delights at the Eastern Idaho State Fair

Published online: Aug 15, 2019 Articles, Dining, Events, Family Fun Guide Brady Kay
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Vendors at the Eastern Idaho State Fair sure know what entices fairgoers’ tongues. What is it that makes us start salivating at the thought of a maple bacon shake, double-fried candies, a turkey leg dripping in juice, or a monstrous burger served on a donut?

For starters these foods hit us right where our taste buds live, satisfying our innate love of sweet, salty and fatty foods. We can try to justify it’s only the concerts, craft booths or those amusement thrill rides that we go for, but in reality it’s also the sensation of sampling the latest creations that keep us coming back year after year.

Did you happen to catch some of those works of art last fall? It’s only natural to be curious what these foods taste like, smell like or how they feel in our mouth when catching a glimpse of something not typically found on a more traditional menu any other time of year.

For example, have you ever tried the Chicken Bullseye Burger from Outlaw Catering? Are you kidding me? It was turning heads last year at the fair as this food vendor basically combined dinner and dessert into one. If you missed out, it’s a premium fried chicken breast and thick cut of bacon on a glazed donut. Then not only did they pile on ice cream and whipped cream, but for an added touch it was topped off with candy Pop Rocks. Now that’s getting creative! Are you beginning to see now why so many people look forward to fair food?

Everything is better fried, including Oreo’s, Pop Tarts and French fries, but it’s doesn’t have to be that unusual to make an impression – although the Batter Dipped Cheese from Levandowski Concessions won a lot of people over last year. The Deep Fried Mac & Cheese from Billmans was a new fair entry last year and based on the favorable response, it’s sure to be back and as good as ever this year. La Casita is another fair regular and the only thing that could overshadow its Gourmet Tacona (a delicious taco served in a waffle cone) was its Bacon Cheesecake desert that was good to the very last bite.

Garlic Crab fries from Pit Stop combined with a Jalapeno Pepper Burger from Mammoth Mountain might be the way to go this year if you’re looking for a suggestion with a Peaches & Dream Churro from CR Fish & Things to complete the meal. Although with so many possible and glorious combinations it’s hard to go wrong.

A quick word of advice if you’re hoping to go home happy after a round or two of fair food: drink a lot of water, walk around between your taste tests and take the time to enjoy what you’re eating. After all, the fair is only going on from August 30 to September 7 and after that you’ll have to wait a whole year before you’ll be able to find a Smoked Salmon Bagel and Baked Potato Ice Cream served at one location.


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