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Snake River Renaissance Faire

Community event set for Aug. 2-4 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Published online: Jul 31, 2019 Articles, CommuniTeam, Events, Family Fun Guide
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Welcome Lords and Ladies – and common folk, pirates, fairies and more – to Snake River Renaissance Faire! Step back in time and find yourself somewhere between myth and history.

You’ll find a magical world of knights, Lords, and Ladies – and pirates, fairies and other mythical creatures. This was a time when people took pride in their craft and trade.

Located in eastern Idaho, the Snake River Renaissance Faire is a family-friendly escape from the real world. Revel in the medieval atmosphere of romance, chivalry, and magic.

Stroll through the village market, Cheer your favorite knight as he defends his honor, or fights for his ladies’ honor, and mingle and interact with villagers, pirates, and more. Feast on juicy smoked turkey legs and other delicious fares.

August 2, 3, & 4, 2019 Jefferson County Fairgrounds

319 Veteran Memorial Drive

Rigby, Idaho


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