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A Run to Remember

Memorial race raising funds for local cancer patients

Published online: Jun 07, 2019 Articles, Best of IF, CommuniTeam, East Idaho Health, Family Fun Guide
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By Megan Edwards

This Saturday, superheroes will run in the Second Annual CRUSADE AGAINST CANCER with their families, friends and fellow heroes.

This family fun run, hosted by the Shannon Wilker Foundation, will raise funds to support local cancer patients and their families in memory of Shannon Wilker who passed away in 2011 from breast cancer.

The participants are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite superhero or “alter-ego” just like last year.  

“My favorite part of the race last year would've been the families dressed up as superheroes,” said Shane Wilker, widower of Shannon and founder of the Shannon Wilker Foundation. “My favorite costume would have probably been the family that was dressed up as the Incredibles.”

Wilker also participated last year dressed as his alter-ego Star Lord and said, ”I was pretty heroic, just so you know.”

This year’s race includes has routes for one mile, 5K and 10K races and is a “run or walk.”

“You are allowed to walk the 5K and the 10K,” Wilker said. “It's -- how do I want to say that? It's low impact or something? Whatever the terminology is, it’s no pressure.”

With the race becoming an annual event, Wilker hopes to involve families, schools and the community.

“I thought about all the stuff we did together, all the stuff we did with (Shannon),” he said. “And so whenever I can do something to help families make memories like that -- even if it's a little thing like remember when you did the superhero-themed race and we all got to dress up? That's what it's all about.”

With the help of sponsors, including the Idaho State Police, the Shannon Wilker foundation hopes to continue inspiring heroes in their CRUSADE AGAINST CANCER each year.



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