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Some sage advice for making the most of the upcoming ribbon cutting of the new eastside Deseret Industries store.

Published online: Mar 15, 2018 Articles, East Idaho Business
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You think Black Friday is insane? Try the grand opening of a new Deseret Industries.

Ribbon-cuttings for new Deseret Industries locations can be nothing short of chaotic. In preparation for the March 22 grand opening of the store's new eastside digs, check out these quick tips from

1. Get excited! We know you’ll find something great! DI restocks the floor all day long during grand openings, so you’ll have many opportunities to get great items.

2. While you’re waiting in line, light up your phone to get some great DIY ideas or to learn about our associates.

3. Look for an alternate checkout line. At some grand openings, DI sets up additional registers to make checking out easier. These may be found at the back of the store, in the yard area, or in other locations. Before you head to the front, look around to see if alternate checkouts have been set up.

4. Have a list, but keep your eyes open to new ideas too. You might find a toy similar to one you played with as a child, or you might see a vintage record of your favorite music group. There may even be a piece of furniture that perfectly fits your style.

5. Bring a friend. You can split up—one of you can check out the yard area while the other heads to collectibles. Or you can stick together—having two sets of eyes makes it easier to spot hidden gems.

6. Give yourself a budget. There are a lot of great items available, so make a plan for how much you want to spend.

7. If you see something you want, grab it right then. Chances are that you will only pass an item once. If you leave it and decide to come back for it later, someone else may have already picked it up.

8. Bring items to donate. Before or after you explore the festivities, drive through the donation dock and drop off any items from home that you no longer need.


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