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Book Review: Forgotten Tales of Idaho, by Andy Weeks

Published in the July 2015 Issue Published online: Jul 17, 2015 Articles Lacey Bennion
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Idaho has a lot of great history. For instance, Arco was the first community ever to be powered by atomic energy, TV inventor Philo T. Farnsworth was born in Rigby, and author Wilson Rawls wrote much of Where the Red Fern Grows while living in Idaho. There’s a tall stack of history books all about our home sweet home, but there’s just one book that contains some of Idaho’s lesser-known tales that didn’t make it into the historical text.

Forgotten Tales of Idaho is a compilation of legends and stories plucked from the pages of Idaho’s past. Ever heard of the Bear Lake Monster, a serpent that could nab a grown man from the shores of the lake and swallow him whole? Or the ghost of the only prisoner ever executed by hanging at the Old State Penitentiary in Boise? Or even Lyda Trueblood, the alleged serial killer suspected of murdering four husbands, nicknamed “Lady Bluebeard”? If you think these sound crazy, there’s lots more in store.

From the strange to the gruesome to the famous, Forgotten Tales of Idaho is a perfect read for anyone with a spark of curiosity and a love for mystery; after all, weird happenings aren’t limited only to this century. It’s a great read for longtime locals who might know a thing or two about the stories detailed in the pages, or for out-of state transplants who want to dive headfirst into community folklore.

It’s up to you to decide whether the legends are true or not, but this book certainly proves one thing: Idaho’s history is anything but boring.

Forgotten Tales of Idaho by Andy Weeks is available in paperback format wherever books are sold, or as an e-book. To find more by the author, visit


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