Exploring The Butterfly Haven in Pingree

Entering a tropical wonderland a short drive from I.F.

Published online: Apr 18, 2022 Articles, East Idaho Outdoors, Lifestyle, Outdoors Emily FitzPatrick
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In Idaho, we’re used to the harsh winters. So, when you stumble upon the tropical paradise of The Butterfly Haven in Pingree, Idaho (just forty minutes outside of Idaho Falls) it can be a bit of a shock. Stepping through the doors of the greenhouse structure you will be met by a blast of warm, humid air that meets the likes of a Caribbean island and then you will see it — all of the butterflies.

The insects are everywhere in the green space, causing you to walk slowly in fear of missing a single second of the wondrous experiences. Monarchs, Buckeyes, Mourning Clocks, Cloudless Sulphurs, Black Swallowtails — these are just a few of the species hosted at the small haven.

Randy and Karen Reed decided to convert one of their greenhouses into a butterfly haven after over thirty years of producing tomatoes and herbs for various grocery chains. Butterflies have been their passion for over 15 years, a love they now share with the East Idaho region through their family-owned businesses. 

The business not only serves as a way for Idahoans to appreciate the natural beauty of these insects, but also an educational opportunity. Butterflies are major pollinators, but like bees, they have been on the decline because of pesticides. The Butterfly Haven teaches about the various butterflies occupying their greenhouse and the ways to create a safe home for them.

The 2022 season begins on April 29. Schedule some time in your schedule to see this year’s butterflies or book an education visit for your class or a children’s birthday party. The options in this picturesque oasis are endless. 

For More Information

The Butterfly Haven

1462 W 200 S • Pingree, ID 83262

208-684-3702 • www.thebutterflyhaven.com


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