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INL Opens Application Period for 2022 K-12 Education Grants

Published online: Dec 28, 2021 Articles, Business, East Idaho Business
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IDAHO FALLS - Idaho National Laboratory’s K-12 Education Program has opened the application period for its STEM grants. These grants are available to Idaho educators in regions 5 and 6. INL will award grants on behalf of Battelle Energy Alliance, which operates INL for the U.S. Department of Energy.

INL’s K-12 STEM program looks to cultivate the eastern Idaho STEM landscape by leveraging partnerships and resources to grow STEM opportunities for all. The program seeks to align future workforce needs with STEM education in eastern Idaho. Over the past decade, INL has awarded nearly $5 million to support STEM education in Idaho.

The grant application period is open from Dec. 16, 2021, through Jan. 31, 2022. More details and all grant applications can be found at

Gov. C.L. ‘Butch’ and First Lady Lori Otter INL/BEA STEM Impact Grant

One $15,000 STEM Impact Grant, named in recognition of the legacy of STEM education support in Idaho by former governor and first lady Otter, will be presented to a team of educators. Partnering with community, business or industry is encouraged.

The grant will provide full or partial support for an innovative, collaborative and sustainable STEM project that will integrate STEM concepts into a school and have demonstrable impact on eastern Idaho students.

Classroom Grant

K-12 Classroom Grants are available for eastern Idaho teachers and administrators to apply for funding to improve student understanding of and learning experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This grant seeks proposals that support innovative student-centered projects and experiential learning at the classroom level. Grant requests vary, with a maximum award of $2,000. The funding should be used to cover project materials and equipment.

Family and Community Engagement Grant

Family and Community Engagement Grants are designed to support publicly funded and nonprofit organizations. Up to $750 is available to selected applicants wishing to host a “grab and go” or virtual community STEM event focused on raising awareness about STEM education and career options. The event could focus specifically on math or science, or it could celebrate STEM in general.

STEM Equity Grant

STEM Equity Grants are designed to support programs that serve underrepresented populations of Pre-K-12 students. Both formal and informal educators serving historically underrepresented students in STEM education and careers are eligible for this award. Targeted groups include girls, rural and remote students, racial ethnic minority students and economically disadvantaged students in Idaho.

Public-Private-Partnership Proposals

INL’s K-12 Education program is seeking applications to fund K-12 education projects through its P3 (public-private-partnership) initiative. Support will be given to projects aligned to INL’s mission, K-12 education program goals, and workforce development needs. INL's Education Program values diversity, equity and inclusion and special consideration is given to proposals addressing these values.


INL Coding Coalition Grant

Crack the Code

Our schools, communities and laboratories are in danger from growing and changing cyberthreats. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Educate the next generation of experts to meet these challenges. INL’s Coding Coalition is here to provide funding, resources and expert support to Idaho high schools that commit to assembling a crack team of future STEM experts.

Mission Instructions:

1. Find a commander. This person can be any educator prepared to lead their team through computing challenges over the next year.

2. Choose your mission. Robotics, coding, hacking and more - the details are up to you. Make sure your club involves computer science goals and aligns with coalition needs, including targeting diverse and enthusiastic students.

3. Register your crew. Eligible clubs must have a commander and commit to participating in a CyberStart America program. This innovative, free cybersecurity competition is designed to help students explore a passion for cybersecurity or computer science, win recognition for their schools, and qualify to win prizes and scholarship money. No prior experience is required, just an interest in problem-solving, puzzles or basic coding. Clubs eligible for the INL coding coalition should have six students recruited before registration - additional team members are a bonus!


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