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DIY Holiday Edition

Published online: Nov 29, 2021 Articles, Lifestyle Missy Poulsen
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For me, there’s nothing better during these cold winter months than a nice cup of hot cocoa first thing in the morning. Whatever your drink of choice, waking up and knowing that everything is in one spot, ready to warm up your insides as fast as possible makes it a little easier to get out of bed! 

Here are two ideas to keep you warm, toasty and organized as we dive into Christmas mode.

Hot Cocoa Station 

Having a designated station helps keep the mess in one spot and helps your house feel more festive. You can think outside of the box on this one, too. Your drink station doesn’t have to be in the kitchen! You can make it a part of your decor wherever you choose to put it. I like to add a little holiday spirit by using festive cups and holiday decor. 

Here are some basic ideas to help you create your own station: 

1. Start with a large tray on your kitchen counter or use a side table in your entryway or living room. 

2. Add a Keurig or water kettle. 

3. Choose your toppings. My kids love mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips. I love crushed candy canes and caramel. 

4. Use several small containers to hold toppings and drink packets. 

5. If you’re putting your station in a hallway or on a side table, tuck a small garbage can close by so the trash doesn’t get left on the counter. 

I usually have a variety of toppings and cocoa flavors on hand that can be refilled as needed. Add in your holiday spirit with a few small decor items or some festive cups and straws. 

DIY Wrapping Paper 

Raise your hand if you have an obsessive amount of wrapping paper stored somewhere in your home. No one? Just me? 

It’s one of those things that you pick up extra of, just in case. Or, just because it’s pretty. I have a stash of wrapping paper that could wrap all of the presents in the North Pole. It’s the cherry on top (actually in this case, at the bottom) of a beautiful Christmas Tree! 

Wrapping presents is an event for me. I usually pour a cup of hot cocoa and gather all the gifts and turn on the Hallmark channel and settle in for a fun evening. 

This year, I decided to have one of my kids join me. We bought some supplies at the local craft store and did a quick search on Pinterest for some inspiration and started creating our own designs. It’s an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your gift giving. The best part? It will coordinate with any wrapping paper you already have!

Supplies Needed: 

• Solid color wrapping paper or brown butcher paper 

• Markers 

• Felt balls 

• Twine 

• Bottle brush tree 

It’s easiest to wrap the gift first and then create your art on it. That way you know how much surface area you have to work with. Be creative! Use stickers if drawing intimidates you. We practiced a couple of times on some scrap paper and then just went for it. A little extra attention to the details goes a long way when curating gifts and other special surprises for the holidays. Express your love with these two ideas and bring a little extra cheer to your home.


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