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City Prepares New Roadmap for Future Growth

Published online: Oct 01, 2021 Articles, East Idaho Business
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Web Exclusive

IDAHO FALLS -- If your phone rings this week, it just might be your chance to give some valuable customer input to help Idaho Falls Power (IFP) and Fiber better serve you.  

Idaho Falls Power has contracted with Channel Blend to conduct a customer satisfaction survey to learn how to better provide power and fiber services to the community.

Starting the first week of October, Channel Blend will begin conducting the telephone surveys, which will be completed over the next several weeks. Idaho Falls residents will be randomly selected and asked for their opinions on the levels of satisfaction and service they receive from the utility. The data will be compiled and provided to IFP in order to help them better understand and serve customer needs.

“We do these surveys on a fairly regular basis to help us improve our service levels and to find out from our customers how we can better communicate with them and meet their needs,” said Idaho Falls Power and Idaho Falls Fiber General Manager Bear Prairie. “By looking at the data objectively we can be more responsive to the everchanging needs of our clients. It’s a good opportunity for us to examine how we operate and make sure we are doing all we can to provide excellent customer service.”

The survey will only take a few minutes to complete and includes both questions about power delivery and fiber service. Customers selected for the survey are encouraged to participate. 

“We hope that people will be receptive to participate and will give us their honest feedback,” Prairie said. “That way we can take a valid look at who we are, how we operate, and how we can provide even better service than we already do. It just helps us continually improve what we do and how we do it.”

The last customer service survey was completed in Fall 2019. Residents with questions can call IFP at 208-612-8430 for additional information.   


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