Idaho Falls Regional Airport to Kick Off Year-Long Master Planning Process

Published online: Sep 07, 2021 Articles, East Idaho Business
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IDAHO FALLS – The Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA) held a kick-off meeting on Tuesday, August 31 to mark the beginning of a year-long process of updating their master plan for the future of the airport.

“Given the massive changes around the globe over the past few years, there have been a lot of impacts to the way people travel and the way that the airline industry serves their customers,” said Rick Cloutier, Director of IDA. “We want to make sure that we are getting all the input we can to adequately plan for future growth, anticipate changes in the industry and changes in the way we serve and take care of our customers. This process will help us do that.”

The IDA Airport Master Plan is a comprehensive study of the airport to help identify the short, medium, and long-term development plans needed to support future aviation demand. The plan provides the developmental framework for the airport to ensure appropriate planning for future needs.  

The plan is updated every five to 10 years to ensure compliance with changes in airport design, economic changes, technological changes in aviation and passenger travel needs. The last IDA Master Plan was completed in 2010. The current planning process is being led by Idaho-based company, TO Engineering.  

“We are hoping for a very robust process that will allow us to hear from a wide variety of IDA customers,” said Cloutier. “We really encourage anyone with an interest in the airport and its future to come out or participate virtually with one or more of our meetings. This will be a year-long process, so there will be ample opportunity for people’s voices to be heard.”

Written comments about the plan can be submitted to Jayme Verish, the Assistant Director of IDA at 2140 Skyline Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402. Additional information can be obtained by emailing TO Engineering at or by calling 208-370-3906.

Future meeting dates and announcements will be advertised on the IDA’s webpage as well as their Facebook page and on other city social media. A virtual link to attend meetings is also available at


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