Celebrating 20 Years of IFM

Published online: Jan 01, 2021 Articles, Lifestyle
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Twenty years is more than half of my life-time. I was 7 years old when Jason Harris and his associates started Idaho Falls Magazine. Sitting in a third-grade classroom, there is no way I could have known there was a magazine thousands of miles away at its beginning that would have such a strong impact not only on my life, but that of the entire East Idaho community. 

Who could have predicted that this small town magazine would take flight as the Idaho Falls community grew at an exponential rate?

Even though we are Idaho Falls Magazine (IFM) by name, the stories in our magazine stretch beyond the limits of our city, varying from our neighbors in Pocatello to our more distant friends in Yellowstone Country and Jackson. Although Idaho Falls is a relatively small town, the area in which we live and play is vast.

Over the years, my predecessors in local media have covered major stories in our area, ranging from the breaking of the Teton Dam to current events such as the replacement of Idaho Falls’ iconic water tower. IFM prides itself in sharing the good news of Idaho Falls, but there are times when it also acted as a reliable news source for information on important events impacting us locally, including the current pandemic. 

However, I think I speak for all of us when I say our favorite stories are those featuring local faces. Stories of triumph over obstacles, of making something out of nothing and of service to those around our region. These subjects are always a joy to cover and are what make IFM the powerhouse it is today. That is to say, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the community members who work to make a difference (both on small and large scales).

In this issue, you will find content celebrating our 20 year anniversary, but it is my hope that this content also celebrates you and everything you have given us, including your openness in sharing your stories and your support in subscribing to our magazine. We are thankful for the space you have given us in East Idaho and we hope we can continue to be a voice for all things good in the years to come.   

Click here to read more from the January issue of Idaho Falls Magazine.


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