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21 Trends for 2021

Things to look forward to this New Year

Published online: Jan 01, 2021 Articles, Lifestyle Emily FitzPatrick
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The year 2020 was full of unpredictable events, including a worldwide pandemic, wildfires and so much more. A new year brings with it hope for the future and excitement for upcoming events. IFM staff sat down together to try and predict some of the worldwide and local trends we can expect to see as we head into 2021. 

1. The Year of Marvel

The superhero fever isn’t over yet. Movies are set to return back to the theater this year and Marvel is packing twice the punch with four movies planned to hit theaters, including: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man 3 and Thor: Love and Thunder. Although the fate of some local theaters remains unknown, we are hopeful that theatres, such as Paramount and the Motor-Vu Drive-In will be showing these new hits. 

2. Simplicity Rules Fashion

After such a rocky year in 2020, we could all use a little more consistency in our lives. Neutrals always bring a sense of peace and we believe they will rule the world of fashion as life returns to normal in 2021. Other trends we might begin to see include chic loungewear, wild handbags, jacket and mask designs, as well as the color green ruling all of our clothing choices.

3. Booking the New Year

Want to read books by Idaho authors? There will be plenty of books to fill your shelf in 2021, including Boise’s Cynthia Hand, who will be releasing the first book in her new young adult series about Mary, Queen of Scots—My Mary Contrary. 

4. Exploring Idahome

Although COVID-19 is beginning to impact our lives less and less every day, we’re predicting air travel will be an expense many choose to forgo in favor of adventuring close to home. 

5. Podcast Palooza

Listening while on the go has become a modern luxury. Podcasts are booming across the world and with all likelihood we will be seeing some of our locals releasing new content to keep us occupied during work-outs and long commutes.

6. Working From Home

The pandemic started the trend, but we see this continuing as a positive trend, allowing for less commute time across the country and maybe a little more family time right here in Idaho Falls.

7. DC Competes with Marvel

Although we predict Marvel will be packing a punch with some major releases this year, new DC films will also be drawing crowds out to the theaters. New films coming out this year include The Suicide Squad, The Batman and Black Adam. 

8. Dining Local

Eating out will become more of a staple as dine-in space continues to open and large groups grow comfortable with meeting up again. We also predict that curbside service will continue to grow as both businesses and customers grow more comfortable with its usage.

9. Cyber Security

The topic of cybersecurity seems endless at times, especially when discussing current debates about how social media companies, such as Facebook and TikTok treat data. Our bet is that the conversation will continue to grow as businesses, such as INL continue to make enormous strides. 

10. Saving Smarts

There aren’t many bright spots when it comes to COVID-19, but pandemics, earthquakes and the like remind us to save money to set aside for a rainy day. Smart locals will be working with local banks to get their savings in order as they recoup or celebrate wins from 2020.

11. Out on the Town

Events are going to return with a bang this year. We’ll be watching the Art Council’s calendar closely to buy tickets to upcoming performances at the Willard Arts Center or to participate in classes at the ARTitorium. 

12. Housing Demand Will Continue to Increase

The East Idaho region is always expanding. Everywhere you drive a new home is being built or a new business is opening its doors. Homes continued to fly off the market even during the worst of times last year, indicating the demand won’t be slowing down in Idaho Falls anytime soon. 

13. Getting Outdoors

At the start of the new year, many people find themselves making goals related to their health. Along with the uptick in gym memberships, we think we will also be seeing more people getting involved in outdoor activities and working those into their overall lifestyle.

14. Online Alternatives; Here to Stay

It's likely that anyone who started 2020 opposed to online shopping is now a master of the medium they once despised. Online shopping offers a convenience that will only continue to grow as more stores expand their websites and inventories. You can even support local Idaho Falls businesses by shopping through their websites or finding information on their Facebook page.

15. Self-Care Stands

Millenials are known for reigning in the era of self-care. As the stress of 2020 ends, more people are sure to pamper themselves with face washes, bath bombs, subscription boxes and more.

16. A Growing Arts Scene

One of Idaho Falls’ top destinations is Historic Downtown. Between the old buildings that hold years of history and delicious eats, you can never spend enough time there. We’re predicting the arts scene will grow as new projects continue to beautify the area.

17. Streaming Along

Some much anticipated shows will be premiering on some of the major streaming networks, including The Lord of the Rings series, Loki, What If…? and much more.

18. Zen Rooms and Spaces

With such a polarizing election year behind us, it’s time to take a breath. We think clearing a physical space to find peace and distance from new and other distractions will be a life-changer for those who decide to forego looking at their phone for a few hours this year.

19. 2021: The Age of Mental Wellness

Mental health is just as important as physical health. As a whole, the world went through a lot last year. We’re hoping this year can be a time to not only recover from past traumas, but also strengthen our positive mindsets.

20. Goodbye, Daylight Savings!

Daylight savings has been a topic of discussion for years now, with states beginning to make moves to abolish it entirely. It’s possible we could be preparing to say goodbye to falling back and moving forward each calendar year.

21. Sports, Sports, Sports

The Summer Olympics were postponed due to COVID-19 in 2020, and are currently scheduled to return this summer. As we adjust to whatever the future holds in 2021, we believe sports will make a huge comeback both here locally with the return of the Chukars and on a worldwide level. 

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