Emerging Technologies Helping Our Seniors

Published online: Oct 26, 2020 Articles, East Idaho Health Scott Holmes
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Let’s face it: As we enter our later years, we get set in our ways. Embracing something new can be challenging, and this is especially true with technology. Older adults often experience high levels of frustration with new technologies and are unsure of their ability to make it a part of their daily living.

But that’s changing. 

Thousands of baby boomers are retiring every day, and demand for senior technology solutions is on the rise. Social media, video chatting and entertainment are already making significant contributions to quality of life for older adults. 

The new frontier is technology solutions that help seniors as they “age in place.” These solutions keep seniors safe at home, provide access to healthcare from home, assist with reminders and even help slow fading cognitive functionality. Some examples include:

Many new apps entering the marketplace that can help seniors with medication and other reminders, shop from home with delivery, magnifying glass with light, healthcare information and much more

Affordable WiFi-based security systems and doorbell cameras that help keep the elderly safe

Easy-to-use telemedicine solutions that can replace a majority of doctor visits

Wearable GPS devices that can help locate a senior who wanders or may become lost (due to memory issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease)

The newest advancements in technology are in the use of artificial intelligence to provide virtual assistance for the elderly. One such solution in Eastern Idaho is Constant Companion – an array of wireless voice-activated smart speakers that are placed throughout the home. The system is an Alexa-based solution that is preprogrammed with the senior’s information and preferences and employs military grade security to protect privacy. 

Here are just a few of the features:

24/7 Call for Help – from anywhere in the home, Constant Companion replaces the need for emergency pendants. Urgent care specialists answer in seconds, already knowing the senior’s health condition and care preferences.

Daily Check-In’s – a favorite of the whole family! The results of the check-in call are emailed to all. Know how mom or dad is doing every day. 

Video & Voice Activated Phone Calls – to family and friends. No phone or dialing needed.

Personal Agent – to set medication and other reminders, timers, manage lists, and alarms. 

Companionship and Fun – enjoy many senior-related activities, games, brain teasers, music, news, and stories – all set to your preferences

Constant Companion is available through Visiting Angels of Eastern Idaho. It is available to everyone, and home-care clients enjoy this great technology for free (with a minimum number of visits).

Call 208-529-2734 for more information. 

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